Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Vancouver Symphony Orchestra 2012

Tonight’s Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Symphony of the Goddesses at the Orpheum Theater

14 Responses to “Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Vancouver Symphony Orchestra 2012”

  1. Kasey Bailes says:

    I was there too! Twas? amazing

  2. OoTobsessed says:

    Just saw it in Pittsburg tonight! It was amazing…the first few? seconds gave me goosebumps! :’)

  3. xxlovelyaddictionxx says:

    god i went to see this tonight in Pittsburgh (hello all other Pittsburgh citizens who happen to be reading this), & im not gonna lie seriously one of the best nights of my life.
    the music was just outstanding and beautiful, and the video clips just made it even more touching. i was? so excited jumping up and down that i accidentally hit a lady sitting behind me.
    so yeah it was definitely one of the best nights ever & everyone needs to go and see this, zelda fan or not!

  4. SeraphimDubstep says:

    Going to see this? tonight :}

  5. r4rev2 says:

    going here? in sep Minnesota YAAAY i have the coolest mom ever 🙂 <3

  6. reejuice2 says:

    I can not? express in words how awesome this is and I am a Legend Of Zelda fanatic.

  7. Cody Rodgers says:

    I wish? I could go to this. I have never seen something quite so awesome. But, I live in Kansas City, MO and no location is near here..

  8. Sizersan says:

    I’m seeing it? this weekend in orlando, Tears in my eyes from excitement!

  9. supersonicmike380 says:

    i just got back? from the one in houston IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

  10. demonpenguin007 says:

    the? one in toronto?

  11. tkrocks1231000 says:

    3 days in houston! :D?

  12. TheEJK143 says:

    breath taking, even on video. unfortunatly, the only new england? shows are on school nights. 🙁

  13. Wolfylink says:

    Yes I went to the one in Austin and no joke as i walked down to my? seat i was like shaking it was amazing!!! I cried buckets!! The conductor reminded me of Samus haha i loved how much emotion she had when conducting. I really hope they do it again!!!

  14. SpiderfreakNL says:

    Goosebumps. Every time I hear the ending of this. The? climax at the end of the Ballad of the goddess song is epic. just epic.