ZDay 2012 – Vancouver – Peter Joseph – ‘Origins and Adaptations’ Part 1

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19 Responses to “ZDay 2012 – Vancouver – Peter Joseph – ‘Origins and Adaptations’ Part 1”

  1. purpledoreen says:

    where can i get a? peter joseph?

  2. purpledoreen says:


  3. andrewcnzz says:

    great video thank? you

  4. yoransom says:

    No he doesn’t hahaha What the hell are you talking about?, and the gold standard is important. Not using it just creates a climate like what we have today. A gov thats 18 trillion in debt. Yeah Capitalism isn’t perfect but the world? is not gonna blow up and no one has invented anything better. Including a gay-source based economy like what Peter recommends.

  5. JonYodice says:

    ron paul wants to remove the separation between church and state though. and the gold standard is a retarded idea in a technologically advanced? society like the one we live in

  6. JonYodice says:

    its pretty quiet? though

  7. majik2hanz says:

    Current system doesn’t want balance. Conflict controversy and fluctuations create opportunities for maximized marginal gain. More money is made when there is blood in the streets. And certain people throughout history (ancient Venetians, Rothschilds etc…) via international banking have encouraged it. To continually accrue wealth to themselves siphoning it off from the productive populous.?

  8. majik2hanz says:

    A few other good reads:
    H. L. Mencken Treatise On The Gods
    Taylor Caldwell, Cicero Pillar of Iron
    USMC Gen. Smedley Butler, War Is A Racket
    Leo Tolstoy, How Much Land Does A Man Need

    Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 is another apt topic in regard to suppressed technology to continue on? in existing systems…

  9. majik2hanz says:

    The current fiat based currency capitalist systems metrics of success is counter to a closed loop ecological resources based organic environment. It instead measures success as more units, activity, transactions etc… with maximum marginal gain to myself versus a balanced system of optimization whereby? actions have consequences. An insulated elite in the former system have no regard for all.
    What he speaks of is how to lift all boats, not suppress others for individual gain.

  10. majik2hanz says:

    Read the following to better understand Peter Joseph
    Thorstein Veblen: Theory of the Leisure Class
    Lewis Mumford: Technics and Civilization
    F Buckminster Fuller: Critical Path
    Victor Papanek: Design For The Real World
    Sir Clifford Douglas: Concept of Social Credit
    (A philosophy of how the economic system should serve humanity)
    Robert Heinlein’s, postthumous discovered first novel, For Us The Living,? also is a good primer (tho not his best work).

  11. TheMidwestsk8ter says:

    Your going to need to? two.

  12. LETusEATbugs says:

    Peter Joseph is of the devil.? I saw him eating a baby to gain more than one brain.

  13. LETusEATbugs says:

    Multiple? brains?

  14. DeliCiousTZM says:

    Where can i get? the market economy vs natural law economy picture?

  15. krishool says:

    Join the group Exploring Inner Space for pod-casts on science, art, metaphysics and all things on? the wild side.


  16. HyPeRtRaXps3 says:

    One way to solve and push this forwards is to have the balls to mass protest in your capital citys saying i will work for privileges NOT money,this needs to be done world wide at the same time,and then refuse money,give it back to where it came from but continue your lifes the same,again it needs to happen world wide in? your capital citys and the message will spread,just do it and see the transformation happen before your eyes,it needs to be organised by TZG Movement!!

  17. TheMidwestsk8ter says:

    I’m using an iphone touchscreen. You make these? little assumptions because of your little mind PEACE.

  18. yoransom says:

    You couldn’t even spell “argument” correctly and you’re calling me stupid? LOL Stop messaging me bro you’re not on? my level.

  19. TheMidwestsk8ter says:

    You made yourself look stupid long enough. Grow some brains question everything? and stop attacking new ideas because your afraid of them.