z04b_14 Vancouver BC, Franklin Street 2004

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z04b_14 Vancouver BC, Franklin Street 2004
Vancouver BC
Image by CanadaGood
View from balcony of apartment on Franklin Street in East Vancouver, Vancouver, BC in 2004.

Richmond Animal Shelter, Vancouver BC
Vancouver BC
Image by Tjflex2
-Largest cat shelter in North America
-Over 800 cats
-100 volunteers
-6 acres
-Over 43 citywide feeding stations
-2 AIDS wards
-Cancer ward

Great place to visit when in Vancouver, BC

If you are interested in finding out more about this shelter or donating to it please go to: www.rapsociety.com/

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26 Translink Bus Shelter at East 49th Ave. & Tyne St. in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver BC
Image by bchow
26 Translink Bus Shelter at East 49th Ave. & Tyne St. in Vancouver, BC, Canada

10 Responses to “z04b_14 Vancouver BC, Franklin Street 2004”

  1. artifacts says:

    This is nice, glad someone cares for our domestic pets.

  2. schoningdo (Learning to KIS) says:

    What a nice place to have where animals can go and be cared for.

  3. Tjflex2 says:

    Some people call it "Kitty Club Med". They do get great attention here. However, most that check in, stay for life.

  4. artifacts says:

    Kinda like a retirement home?

  5. Tjflex2 says:

    More of a home for cats that will never be adopted out. The AIDS and cancer kitties for obvious reasons, a lot of the rest are Feral. Some do get domesticated, then they can be adopted. Some of the guests have medical problems like this:

    There is a pure breed Bengal. He however, urinates on everything. The owner took him to the vet to be put down, the vet talked the owner into taking it to the shelter instead. He now lives happily with all the other cats.

  6. Adptus... says:

    So, cats with FIV(Kitty AIDS) are considered permanant residents at this shelter?

  7. rps.net says:

    Excellent composition with very pretty sunlight, colours!

    Thank you for appreciating my photos!

  8. Tjflex2 says:

    To answer the FIV question, yes. Technically all the cats here are permanent residents. Some for illness (AIDS, Cancer), some because they were to be euthanized by owner, but most are (or were) farel. The sick cats are allowed to live out their natural life.

    A few years ago there was a Manx that had a bowel problem (no control), it would just walk around the compound trailing feces behind it. In the real world this cat would have been put down.

    The staff tries to tame the farels so they can be placed in homes. For any cat that can be adopted, the applicant owner will be screened for compatibility. This is not your average adoption agency.

  9. Adptus... says:

    We have many lifers at Animal Rescue and Adoption Society as well. We do have some adoptable FIV and FeLV cats, and all applicants are screened and references checked. ARAS also has a Manx with the same problem as the one you mentioned above. His name is Bingo- I’ll have to find his photo. Sweet kitty, but completely unadoptable. Maybe when you add your photos of the cats to the Shelter Cats and Kittens Looking For Good Homes pool, you can add a quick note to the ones you think are the most willing to accept human contact?

  10. Ph??ng xinh says:

    Lovely place for kitties!