YVR Community Showcase – Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is truly an amazing place where birds, bears, and whales share the environment with the adventurous, spirited, and friendly residents. The city offers extraordinary visual and performing arts, superb shops and restaurants, and outstanding community services. The citys history is proudly on display everywhere you look and Scenery wildlife, sports fishing, heritage and culture are part of daily life here. Prince Rupert is a wonderful place to live work and play. To view the full BC Community showcase videos please visit www.yvrconnections.com

5 Responses to “YVR Community Showcase – Prince Rupert”

  1. 67jayem says:

    Prince Rupert ,,, where ANY Sunshine is measured in minutes and Rain is? measured in Buckets.

    Whats with the English Narrator ,,, Prince Rupert was built on blood, sweat and tears, not tea and crumpets as the accent radiates.

    I tend to? agree w mamaem10 below, indeed a poor presentation and commentary.

  2. persiantaha says:

    Is there? any ski resort there?

  3. RupertEdwardEDC says:

    For more information on living, working and playing? in Prince Rupert, go to the Prince Rupert Economic Development Corporations (PREDC) website

  4. williedb47 says:

    My brother and I were there a? few years ago. We took a tour on a train aroung the island. It is beautiful there. Nadine

  5. Joel Sawley says:

    Norweigen Cruise Lines! Holy thats? cool.