Yutaka Japanese Cuisine in Vancouver BC Canada

Yutaka Japanese Cuisine in Vancouver BC Canada

Yutaka Japanese Cuisine 4148 Main Street (Main and King Edward) Vancouver BC Canada phone: 604-566-9622 Restaurant’s web site: www.yutakacuisine.com Video recorded by Geoff Peters from http Geoff Peters and his friends KL and TH visit Yutaka Japanese Cuisine in Vancouver to try their signature dishes. We were really impressed with the food at Yutaka – the creative and delicious choice of ingredients, great “international flaire” concept to Japanese cuisine, great presentation, and friendly staff. Shown in video: -Interview with restaurant manager, Sunny, about the Concept for the menu at Yutaka -Salmon Carpaccio (raw salmon served with specially prepared balsamic vinegar and salad) -Firecracker roll (with homemade sauce) – crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, tobiko -Sunrise roll – mango, crab, tobiko, avocado, avocado, white fish -Pearl chicken – crispy texture of rice pearls on tender chicken, served with Japanese Mayo, crunchy but not greasy -Robata chicken skewers (slow cooked on the grill) -Ebi Filo (Filo prawns) – our favorite dish that we tried! prawns done in a tempura style with Greek filo pastry instead of tempura batter… so scrumptious! served with special sauce -Bacon and tomato skewers -Beef Enoki – skewers of beef wrapped around Enoki mushrooms -Beef stone rice – AAA Angus Beef, rice, and quail egg on top, cooks in the stone bowl. (Influenced by the Korean style of stone bowl cooking). -Interview with Eugene, the bartender at Yutaka about his favorite drinks

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