Yukon Blonde “Wind Blows”

Yukon Blonde’s video for the song “Wind Blows” from the self-titled debut album available Feb 9, 2010 in Canada and Mar 23, 2010 in the US. Visit www.yukonblonde.com or http Video by: Amazing Factory Productions Inc. amazingfactory.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to “Yukon Blonde “Wind Blows””

  1. igooog says:

    One of the best songs? I’ve heard in a long time.

  2. FletchH1986 says:

    Amazing track, very fleet foxes at the start. love? it.

  3. TheFirstAnnuals says:

    notice? how the bassist is shown for like five seconds. aha

  4. maytrix17 says:

    is anyone? up ? ;D

  5. cenalover159 says:

    good song,? I SAW U NECKID ON IS ANYONE UP? >=]

  6. thejosephschwartz says:

    Anyone else catch the Yukon Blonde reference on? How I Met Your Mother last night?

  7. chrisnoelscott says:

    love it ,you guys are so great love it

  8. luvsts says:

    You guys shouldn’t be opening for people….people should be opening up for? you because you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!

  9. gordon121max says:

    I saw Yukon Blonde live tonight at UBC! I met Graham Jones,? Brandon Scott and John Jeffrey. This band is so awesome!!!! They opened for the Arkells but totally showed them up

  10. JohnnPurchasee says:

    The? group vocals do sound like fleet foxes, but other then that i dont think the two bands sound all that similar.

  11. ciesielczuk says:

    Ikea lanterns? ftw

  12. fabfashionista13 says:

    lumberjack hipsters? are hot…

  13. martinrking says:

    Caught them at the Horseshoe in? Toronto. They sing just as well live, believe it or not.

  14. saudade867 says:

    YB, you may not be from the Yukon – but this Yukoner doesn’t mind you borrowing our name,? you do it proud 🙂

  15. Linds0306 says:

    Awesome, excellent sound! Kitchen Party 🙂 ?