Wynn’s Plants & Flowers

Wynn’s Plants & Flowers Reviews

370 Broadway E
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (5 Reviews)

Review by Joanna D.
Wynn’s plants and flowers is located in Kingsgate Mall. A place I’m kinda fond of for doing errands. The store is located on the corner in the middle of the…
Rating: 4

Review by Peter H.
There are three stores I use in Kingsgate mall. The Buylow, Shoppers Drug Mart and Wynn’s. In fact I love Wynn and her flowers, I’m sticking up for her,…
Rating: 5

Review by Kreag S.
I decided last minute that I wanted some greenery on the table for a dinner party this weekend…I had remembered a little florist in the Kingsgate Mall so…
Rating: 3