Wondering where the Lions are

Wondering where the Lions are

The Lions are twin mountain peaks in Vancouver, BC also called the Sisters. These are some pictures I took of the Lions, from the Lions and around the Lions in the greater Vancouver Area. Bruce Cockburn’s song Wondering where the lions are is playing in the background. Cheers.

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  1. Quantumcam says:

    I’m from Vancouver and although this was really nicely done,? the song is a protest song about a sniper during the Vietnam war. The constant reference to ecstasy is because they were on drugs in order to be hyped up to kill so many people so easily. The description is that of the Vietnam jungles. Bruce has such a beautiful way of writing music that is so poignant and this song is a wonderful example of that.

  2. Angela Durant says:

    Love? it

  3. porridgesilt says:

    They are in Saskatchewan, worrying about playing the? Riders this afternoon.
    Go Green! Go Bruce!

  4. gartner10112 says:

    highest quality version on youtube. thanks for the upload, very much appreciated!!?

  5. dippity2 says:

    Thumbs up if the movie Hoot brought you here

  6. scottslife1 says:

    Thank? you! Great song….great video!


    NEITHER CAN I I CAN NOT STOP LISTENNING AND I CAN NOT STOP WAtching the movie hoot i like the song and the? movie hoot so much i can not stop watching or listenning.

  8. TheTetonCowboy says:

    very awesome,? great tune and great scenery

  9. dan8852 says:

    Beautiful? scenery, beautiful animals, beautiful world 🙂

  10. horizonsgirl says:

    Great? video! Thanks!

  11. JMPM55 says:

    The lions are not a twin? mountain peaks in vancouver B.C., they are an allusion and a tribute to Dolly Parton…ahem.

  12. pacificsound says:

    thinkin? about eternity

  13. Alexlikesbikes says:

    I’ve always thought Chicago was sort of the? Vancouver of the States. Or according to Mr. Burns, ‘the Miami of Canada’ ;).

  14. 11uccello says:

    Thanks. Nice images, Vancouver is my home? and I miss it. Chicago is nice but it’s not Vancouver.

  15. 5171967cafk says:

    Just discovered this little gem…….LLLLOVE this song !!!!!!!! Awesomely cute ! Can’t stop? listening! 🙂