Winter #Olympics: Brennan LaBrie Interviews Speedskater JR Celski

TIME For Kids Reporter Brennan LaBrie talks Olympic bronze medalist JR Celski in a little coffee shop on a rainy day in Vancouver, BC. Follow JR Celski http Brennan’sWinter Olympic Coverage TIME For Kids @timeforkidsmag The Tacoma News Tribune @TheNewsTribune The Port Townsend Leader @ptleader The Seattle PI Reader Blog – Videoblogging 206 (unofficial) The Spruce Street Weekly (print only) 2010 Winter Olympics Sponsors: Port Townsend Community (First Federal account – Kidreporter) Port Townsend Kiwanis @ptkiwanis Z-CoiL Seattle @zcoilseattle Cameras: Canon FS200 Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Elements
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15 Responses to “Winter #Olympics: Brennan LaBrie Interviews Speedskater JR Celski”

  1. elisebaby13 says:

    im? in loveeee.

  2. Madrone6 says:

    He puts on his left skate first, just like Apolo Ohno! They have so many similarities?

  3. kidrainenfina says:

    big fan of manny? 😀

  4. SportyShorty1324 says:

    He or She looks like Code de Pablo from NCIS?

  5. jaredletoheart says:

    “It’s? not called slow track, you know?” hehe
    That’s adorable hahaha

  6. tarheelsfan221 says:


  7. TheMothBalls says:

    i cant help but literally laugh out? loud when i watch this.

    “on a rainy day after a week of sunny ones” hahaha i love that kid.

  8. JenProductions2010 says:

    I wanna meet him when he? goes to Southern California

  9. FangsUpCobraFans says:

    3:30? !!!! AHahahahahhahahgagaga!!!!!!

  10. KatherineRose21 says:

    Everyone has basically covered everything about? this interview!!! We, J.R. Celski fans are the BEST!!!! WOOT!!!

  11. TheMothBalls says:

    hahahha this is soo funny.? he’s really nice to that kid.

  12. XpinayXsmallzX says:

    Manny Pacquiao is such a great boxwer hands down.
    i really love manny for being? so humble and down to earth personality.
    Jr is so awesome XD

  13. XpinayXsmallzX says:

    the? kid and jr!!! omg cuuuute

  14. javachipyep says:

    brennan labrie is legit.?

  15. chibiaznpwnr57 says:

    He has such a sweet voice here, and he’s a lot less nervous too since it’s? with a kid.