Why I Am Leaving Vancouver British Columbia Canada – Thanks, Fukushima Japan

This is a RE POST of a conference held by Dr. Helen Caldicott, in Montreal, back in March of 2011. She tells it THE WAY IT IS. I was born and have lived in the Metro Vancouver BC Canada area all of my life. All that comes to a swift end in the wake of a completely avoidable disaster. The northern hemisphere is about to be forever covered in more than a dozen different radioactive elements, all lethal, all essentially permanent. See ya later, y’all.

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29 Responses to “Why I Am Leaving Vancouver British Columbia Canada – Thanks, Fukushima Japan”

  1. goldengirl67 says:

    We are all going to start growing our own food in green houses! I think gov’t can only do so much and then we? have to do so much more for ourselves.

  2. goldengirl67 says:

    Today we walk around freely on the earth with nothing covering us – jump ahead a few centuries – people won’t be able to walk around without wearing a suit or mask of some kind because the earth is so polluted and you risk death just walking around. We may wind up living in a complex that has massive filters on them and just be able to look through a window to the outside because it is safer. Sounds like science fiction? I don’t? think so.

  3. Zephyesa says:

    because it means we will die, I thnk? thats worth taking seriously

  4. glenny251 says:

    But she says “there’e nothing we can do about it” So why take it? seriously when were screwed?

  5. IcyyHair says:

    can someone summarize this for me ? i dont really want to listen to a boring lady? talk for 10 mins..

  6. unkhotaling says:

    I remember being a grade school kid living in Marpole in? the 1960s, the USA were doing an atomic blast test on Amchitka Island in the Aleutians – everyone feared radioactive fallout, tsunami’s, earthquakes. We supposedly were going to be swallowed by the sea or die horrible deaths. People protested, feared, sold homes… as for me I went door to door telling people to beware of tidal waves.
    I’m still here doing just fine.

    Ignore the fact I glow, thats my sparkling personality:)

  7. dreammyzz says:

    I should buy? a radiation detector/tester,… oh, end up I’ve got nothing I can eat.

  8. KarlJohanson42 says:

    They say “Twenty years later, 115 000 (out of 830 000) are dead.”
    This invites the question, how many would have died without the accident?
    The over all death rate in Russia? (per year) is 14.5 per 1,000 per year (2005 estimate). (14.5 / 1000) * 830,000 * 20 years = 240,700
    That’s for a general cross section of the population, which would include children. The clean up crew were all already adults at the time of the accident. Their numbers, not mine…

  9. YoMamaEFaaat says:


  10. Olio89 says:

    I’m staying in Vancouver banking on a scientific phenomenon known as the? Teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle effect. Time for super-human abilities, thanks Fukushima.

  11. hooshyari1 says:

    and marry me please? 😉

  12. Chilfit says:

    20-50 years… nope, we have maximum? 10 years to live; most of us.
    If ya are intrested, what i’m talking about, than whatch my video “Collapse” and visit the website.

  13. Zephyesa says:

    ths is not a joke, ths is very serious, so treat it that? way

  14. brickferret says:

    I believe that the greatest f all creations in the known and unknown Universe is sentient consciousness. And this cannot be destroyed it is eternal. The ability to truly know ones past, a realization of the future and to then awaken within the divine present; there/here, there is no-fear/ life is forever evolving and eternal. Love is the greatest power in the Universe, do not forget. Here is your hope.And it is much more than hope it is Faith.Humankind has? done this dance many times before.Peace

  15. brickferret says:

    Hope, of course, we all want hope. I firmly believe that the problem has gotten too big for the brains of this world, Sadly we have all but destroyed this beautiful planet. But I believe in the Gaia hypothesis, and if there is? not intervention form higher dimensional beings, or more evolved beings living underneath the crust, or ETs then Gaia will have the last word. If the planet is truly conscious then it will get rid of us and fix itself, then the cycle of life will begin anew again. Peace C~

  16. brickferret says:

    I was making a complete big JOKE I know how? dangerous this cocktail-they are forcing us to eat breath and drink… And they are creating psychotropics for us to breath as well.
    I ‘was not being serious at all when I said that radioactive isotopes were good for you.
    Mankind has created the most dangerous stuff on the planet (and perhaps the universe)and we are all being exposed to it I think we will all perish within 20 years. all life here will perish

  17. Zephyesa says:

    your wrong, this is terrible deadly chemicals?

  18. ComeDownRedMolly says:

    The thing is this…If you tell everyone that your screwed and there is no way of change then what are we supposed to do. I was at least expecting a petition or something at the end of? the vid. OK so we all get to die a miserable death of cancer and can’t do anything about it. Wow thanks for making a difference.

  19. brickferret says:

    Geophysical warfare. Most people do not realize that when a non nuclear proliferation treaty was signed back in the in 1968 it is rumored that geophysical weaponry was on the top of the list. Documents pertaining to this claim seem to center mostly on weather manipulation, however the ‘blacked out’ documents seem to refer to much? more advance geophysical weaponry.Tesla’s super weapon were alluded to. Do some digging, sort out fact from fiction, there exists a lot of interesting data. C~

  20. brickferret says:

    Your on to something about H.A.A.R.P. It definitely has the capabilities. This is a proven fact. In addition the best application for it to do so would be to bombard the “Shelf” with electromagnetic pulses (and it would not take that? much wattage, either) an undersea shelf that was ready to go anyway? The U.S. Government had every reason to give the Japanese a “Wake Up Call” too, just like all other countries, who have tried to undermine the American dollar~ Consequently; “Follow the money.”

  21. brickferret says:

    This accident was ten times worse than Chernobyl within two weeks of the “event”and the fall out from these events have increased exponentially since March of 2011. In addition, it seems most everyone, punching a clock, has nearly no-awareness to what is unfolding. It seems, that they are all drugged or asleep; “Ah, Uh- ‘Fukushishizmo’ who, what, is this a new chainsaw?”
    I became disabled 3 years ago and this has put me in a position where I have been forced to WAKE UP! PLEASE PEOPLE; wake? up!

  22. brickferret says:

    Dr. Caldicott and Arnie Gundersen are not “Grandstanding” They are simply spelling out the truth… but it is a prognosis of doom for the planet earth and the Human Race. 20 to fifty years that is as long as we have if we are lucky. This “thing” and it is a ? behemoth, a leviathan or what ever ghastly name you want to attach to it, could take a terrific turn for the worst any second now. These unknown territories of nuclear Armageddon are on a razors edge and it has nothing to do with weapons!

  23. brickferret says:

    I am truly sorry, I was being supercilious over what is probably? the worst tragedy in the “known” history of mankind. In addition this “little nuclear accident” according to mainstream media and the governments of the world may indeed spell the end of mankind. A true E.L.E.! And this; I am serious about. Moreover, I truly believe that if the general public had a full understanding of these unfolding events, at Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, there would then manifest rioting in the streets.~cont.

  24. brickferret says:

    All of those high tech isotopes of which are not created anywhere naturally in the Universe? You folks do not know the good drugs you are going to be missing out on, especially when you mix it with flourine-18, which is a result of Paleoclimatology which is a result of the polar
    ice caps melting; releasing Oxygen-18.of This gets into a neat analysis Radiopharmaceuticals; ever hear of them? How about the drugging? of Nazi concentration camp victims? hmmm- you all best do some more research.

  25. brickferret says:

    Nuclear power plants are totally safe , man, dude don’t you know? everything they sent out of those stacks are GOOD for you ! Its like FREE VITAMINS, MAN! Is cool dude. And all of that free barium and aluminum chaff they have been? spraying in the upper atmosphere is their way of collecting the radioactive isotopes, they are stealing all the radioactive fallout from the public dude. The fish have got it made, all of that fee radiation they are getting f***k I am jealous!

  26. Ziva70 says:

    Beautiful -i Love? Canada

  27. bembenghadi says:


  28. buildabunnygirl says:

    Canada is? awesome 🙂

  29. dashawn52 says:

    Canada is the best there is best? there was and ever will be