Whistler and Vancouver BC are some of the best places to live if you’re a mountain biker, perhaps even the greatest place in North America or the world. Leave a comment telling me where you think the best places to ride are! Please Comment, and ‘Like’ the video! and SUBSCRIBE for the Best Mountain Bike Videos Ever!!!! My name is Jordan Olthuis, I am a Mountain Bike Filmmaker and I make all the videos that you see on this channel “Bikerman13” I hope you enjoyed this video and will watch my other videos as well! Thanks for watching! www.jordanolthuis.com http
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18 Responses to “WHISTLER, Vancouver DOWNHILL, SLOPOSTYLE, FREERIDE Mountain Bike Cities”

  1. lucs997 says:

    so does ARGENTINA mate… im going with? you

  2. loschby46 says:

    I think I’m gonna move to Vancouver ! Croatia sucks !? :S

  3. Tyler WeissTylerW says:

    nice vid man and veddermountian great i live? a mile away from it maybe we could ride together some time heres my cell 778-200-5119 give me a call

  4. jackmo32 says:

    Azores Islands have some? good spots!! Contact me and i will tell you!! LOL

  5. rugu48 says:


  6. PeterTheChriss says:

    When it comes to norwegian bike parks, trust me, hafjell kills? oppdal

  7. gavra98 says:

    I think that this ain’t whistler!?

  8. bart91178 says:

    best places to ride are whistler and in the uk fort william ? glentress hamesterly forest ae forest

  9. ivanmatearajkov says:

    man u no ur stuff?

  10. yampla97 says:

    Whistler all the way.?

  11. halfpipefreak says:

    thx mate !? 8)

  12. tydly says:

    Great list of them! ?

  13. JosephOR says:

    well done, congrats on VOD as? well!

  14. ZIMOLAS234 says:

    I need song from crankworx, please help me?

  15. beto9285 says:

    Cusco Peru one of the best places on earth? for mountain bike, a city in the middle of the Andes. (South America)

  16. OverdriveAdam says:

    amazing dude, top notch; riding’s great, cinematography is spot on and the locations are killer! beautiful :)?

  17. bikerman13 says:

    thanks,? ya thats my friend

  18. hiroyopoetker says:

    Super? killer video man!
    i love your demo looks very sick!