Whip My Hair – [Walk off the Earth] + The Johnstones – Willow Smith Parody

The boys from The Johnstones and Walk off the Earth really love snares! So much so that they decided to whip them back and forth! Walk Off The Earth’s new EP “REVO” is available for pre-order right now! Follow this link for details: smarturl.it Fall tour dates (US only) are ALSO available for pre-order! Follow THIS link for details: smarturl.it WOTE TOUR DATES! TICKET LINKS: September 30 — St. Catherines, ON goo.gl October 24 — Buffalo, NY goo.gl October 25 — New Haven, CT goo.gl October 26 — Boston, MA goo.gl October 27 — Towson, MD goo.gl October 28 — Philadelphia, PA goo.gl October 30 — Pittsburgh, PA goo.gl October 31 — New York, NY goo.gl November 02 — Cincinnati, OH goo.gl November 03 — Chicago, IL goo.gl November 04 — Grand Rapids, MI goo.gl November 06 — Nashville, TN goo.gl November 07 — Birmingham, AL goo.gl November 08 — Atlanta, GA goo.gl November 09 — Orlando, FL goo.gl November 10 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL goo.gl November 21 — Calgary, AB goo.gl November 22 — Edmonton, AB goo.gl November 25 — Vancouver, BC goo.gl November 26 — Seattle. WA goo.gl November 28 — Portland, OR goo.gl November 29 — San Francisco, CA goo.gl November 30 — Los Angeles, CA goo.gl December 1 — Santa Ana, CA goo.gl Subscribe to The Johnstones and Walk off the Earth Check out The Johnstones at: www.thejohnstonessex.com Check out Walk off the Earth at: www.walkofftheearth.com

21 Responses to “Whip My Hair – [Walk off the Earth] + The Johnstones – Willow Smith Parody”

  1. Muhammad Chairul Bari says:

    Dedicated for all drummer in the world!!!? HAHAHA

  2. Ingrid Alexadra Morales S says:

    hahahahaha Every time more? crazy!

  3. nerrawasset says:

    I want? gianni for my birthday

  4. Bushy22398 says:

    SO FUNNY!!!!!!!?

  5. christaaa7 says:

    i dont think they made it to sound amazing.. its a? joke

  6. axel Zapata says:

    ya se fueron de vergas? chch

  7. victoria crewe-turrell says:

    Ryan Long has some? powerful hair <3

  8. JAcob Dodson says:

    2:19? Lol.

  9. jessiee2492 says:

    haha awesome!!!?

  10. InvalidUsername0123 says:


  11. RDXduck says:


  12. Jesseybecca says:

    This makes me smile.? Alot. Love it!

  13. mguzman6494 says:

    Just pick up a snare…and whip a f*cking snare. HAHAAA This? is awesome.

  14. garu8193 says:

    they give me a headache? !!!

  15. ayuheartphotography says:

    His? humping the snare……

  16. Jennifer Garcia says:

    This is so? inappropriate in the most appropriate way possible

  17. MadHattery101 says:

    Was I the only one waiting for Sarah to walk in and? either be like “dafuq are you guys doing?” and walk out?

  18. MsPurrfect22 says:

    silly? boys. 🙂

  19. PickleCat1218 says:


  20. MrArcuied says:

    dafug? ???

  21. TheDivingChick says: