What Vancouver 2010 Meant For Canada (Lloyd Robertson)

CTV News’ Lloyd Robertson looks back on how the Vancouver games helped re-shape our country’s sense of identity and patriotism. © 2010 Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. CTV is a trademark of CTV Inc. RDS is a trademark of The Sports Network Inc. The Olympic rings are a trademark of the International Olympic Committee. For full footage, please consider buying the Commemorative DVD or Blu-ray sets from ctvolympics.ca.

18 Responses to “What Vancouver 2010 Meant For Canada (Lloyd Robertson)”

  1. Chowdder says:

    Clearly this comment is full of Canadians (myself? included), haven’t read a single comment where someone called another person names or mentioned any off topic stuff. Haha hugs to all you beautiful Canadians!!

  2. The1canadian1 says:

    what do you mean being another state??

  3. betterwashyourback says:

    That when showed the world are? gold

  4. tome212121 says:

    Canada is great. please stop becoming another state? of the USA.

  5. tsb049 says:

    It meant pride and joy for cities that were? financially stable and the opposite for cities that struggled financially.

  6. blkjock81 says:

    I love this soft arrangement of “I believe” playing in the background as Brian? Williams speaks

  7. rocker85675 says:

    yup, sure would have. that was just icing on the cake, LOTS, AND LOTS of? icing 😉

  8. MegaWolfgang says:

    I see your point. But loosing those hockey medals would? have REALLY SUCKED!!!

  9. rocker85675 says:

    no chance! for 17 straight days? canadians united like never before, canadian spirit and national pride was EVERYWHERE! it was one feel good story after another from our first gold on home soil, to rochette skating to bronze the same day her mom died and everything in between. it was canada’s comming out party and EVERY canadian was a part of it. sure it would of sucked to loose in hockey but in NO WAY shape or forum would of changed what those olympics did for canadian pride. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY

  10. rocker85675 says:

    and i have a tear in my eye, AGAIN! what an AMAZING 2 weeks, never before has canada been so united. so many memorys,? so many feel good storys, when me & my friend got to van i opened my door and one wiff of the air i told him, “this is BIG, something REALLY special is going on” you could sence it in the air, canada flags EVERYWHERE. those were the best 2 weeks of this proud canadian’s life. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!

  11. CanadianStar87 says:


  12. somegalfromcan says:

    Two years later and? I still cried!

  13. amalistelus says:

    that’s just? the instrumental version of I believe, the theme song of the Olympics.

  14. ViiviiDGlow says:

    danmm i acaully cryed canada really showed up at this olympics … had so? much fun partying when the games were on … Canada <3

  15. scarecrow1512 says:

    please tell me someone know what the name of the song is right at the beginning of this video with the instrumental piano and violin, ive been? looking for that song forever!

  16. MegaWolfgang says:

    Lets call a spade a spade if Canada had lost? those hockey games most people would have remembered those games as nice but disappointing. We won the hockey and for the vast majority of Canadians that’s what really mattered.

  17. warilban says:

    most people consider the hockey win the? most sensational but…i myself loved alex bilodeau (first gold on home soil) and the bronze medl for joannie most. IMO the most meaningful and they both have a very touching story

  18. ralphyization says:

    I get all choked up. ? Not ashamed to say it. It’s pretty friggin’ cool! We did own THAT podium!