First time salvia trip on Kits beach in Vancouver, BC Canada. WHAT!!

12 Responses to “WHAT! SALVIA TRIP!”

  1. crlovitt29 says:

    1:15 = hilarious? lol

  2. fiz122 says:

    Did you? meet the dinosaurs buddy?

  3. AbbyNormal777 says:

    Elmo, that’s it..I knew? it reminded me of someone..

  4. AbbyNormal777 says:

    Yea, I? trippin’ so high..

  5. AbbyNormal777 says:

    He does look a little like Tebow, if Tim? breaks bad.

  6. AbbyNormal777 says:

    funny stuff..I was watching it over & over a few months ago, now I find it? again.

  7. JoeyMcPeace says:

    canadian…i knew? it!

  8. Hyndi03 says:

    Omg funniest moment of? my life! He had me laughing so hard…cute too

  9. TheRollsRoyceTrent says:

    WWWWWWWWHAT! That was so funny.?

  10. itsGRACEx3 says:

    best salvia trip video i ever saw , the ”what” almost made me choke on my dinner.?

  11. DankAssKeefSlump says:

    0:36 was so nice lol c:?

  12. Oleg Nykolyn says:

    This is so cute? and funny, ahahah