What It’s like Working On Cruise Ships

www.tylersworld.net For More Info In this Vlog I explain what it’s like to work on a cruise ship and the fun adventure and laughs one can have over the period of a contract with working on a cruise ship. Allot of fun can be had whilst working on a cruise ship and it is a golden opportunity to have adventure, fun, excitement, travel and experiences that you’ll never forget. If you want to find out more of my experiences working on cruise ships please visit my blog at www.tylersworld.net UPDATE The links have been changed to go to my blog at the suggestion that this video might be fake. If you want to see more highlights of my travels and experiences check them out
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Does the cruise ship wait for you? (passengers missing cruise ship)

*Watch in High Quality* I’m often asked if the cruise ship will really leave the port without you. See for yourself.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

33 Responses to “What It’s like Working On Cruise Ships”

  1. ohlalalaur says:

    are you enjoying it? i loved it as a passenger but i can’t decide whether or not i’d want to work on a larger ship with a more basic itinerary, or one of the smaller but older ones that travel to more places (of course i don’t have the option really, they’re just going to dish out an itinerary to me, but i mean, if you could? choose).

  2. ohlalalaur says:

    they’ll get back to you if you’re qualified and can prove that you’d be? a good fit for their company. depends on which line you are applying to. it’s worth a shot. they got back to me within a few days of applying.

  3. SergiosTorrents says:

    i want this job because i worked for hotels before and would love to keep working with people especially internationally, how hard is it though to actually live on the ship? im single, and have literally nothing to lose which is why im? sailing but is applying hell? do they really get back to you?

  4. alwayson09 says:

    I did it for awhile and couldn’t. Have came to the conclusion that it is better to get an education and stay completely away from any kind of customer service, for me it is better to go on a cruise ship as a passenger. My customer service days are over, when you just don’t care about the people it? is best for one to seek other employment ventures.

  5. Vorkosh7575 says:

    Working on Allure of the Seas for Royal Caribbean. It’s only a good job if you’re not a waiter, or bottom? rung hotel staff. This is coming from someone who is working as an officer for the largest cruise ship in the world. Don’t be fooled

  6. jaymuney says:

    I start? on June 13th with CCL. I’m really excited about the people and places that I will be able to go to.

  7. blondieintexas says:

    I just? got my first interview I’m totally excited!!!!!

  8. AnxietyNeurosis says:

    Allot of people do have trouble applying unless your invited to an interview by a recruitment company your pleas fall on deaf ears. The min. age to apply is 18 as you have to be of the age of consent to enter a contract. Different cruise co. might have different requirements. I agree that this job is not for everyone as working on a cruise ship for some can result as a nightmare. There are allot of horror stories out there and the sea can? be a lawless place. However for some it’s a dream.

  9. BornFancy says:

    Is there a certain age you have? to be to apply?

  10. MrSpasa93 says:

    Carnival Cruise ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ which ship? ?

  11. cabowabokids says:

    where is? the link???

  12. danpoiuyt says:

    Dude you’ve made? up my mind i’m ready for this!

  13. emkayesable says:

    i would like to know what experience do you have to? have if you are age 18? i want to work with the child care department or waiter… i live seattle area

  14. palkiajackl11 says:

    Important Notice:
    Mermaid Group IS NOT A RECRUITER FOR? ROYAL CARRIBEAN! Mermaid Group is a scam operation and you are advised to NEVER use them as your recruiting firm.

  15. TheWeight2go says:

    LOL “will they pull over?” Like it’s a car on? a highway. too funny

  16. grovegangster8 says:

    @Tierren32 that sucks bro hope you had? great trip

  17. busdriverohio says:

    buses don’t wait? either!

  18. missidealiste says:

    it is funny when it happened to someone else…which cruise was this? we were on norwegien, thoughout all the 5 ports, the ship had sold us countless time to use their excursion. advantage beeing: the ahip will wait for us if their excursions return late.of course, their excursions cost are high. but for the peace? of mind…

  19. gordonp08 says:

    Lol what? is the name of the ship

  20. Rustem Safin says:

    Nassau? port.

  21. BengalNZ says:

    This is the? best vid on YouTube to date…

  22. catalina31768 says:

    That cruise ship hit an iceberg soon after departing and there were only 2 survivors. One of them was the guy filming this. Lucky break? for the couple that missed the boat.

  23. azhj100 says:

    Ive been on 15 cruises and they tell u the time on the intercome and as ur leaving there fault an less ut was. Tour issue in wish they would? have wated.

  24. yoyoluc says:

    Itinerary says 4PM departure, you make sure you’re on the boat by? 3:45 THE LATEST! A cruise ship is not a bus that can pull over and wait. It’s kind of hard to pull over a 1000 ft long hotel on water.

  25. TravelGuyTravel says:

    Wow. Unfortunately, this was our last port of call, so they would need to fly? back to Florida.

  26. Provic90594 says:

    Dumb bitches…net time get to the? boat on time…easy..

  27. Tierren32 says:

    Happened to me on a 7 day Carnival cruise, met a girl at a bar in Nassau had a few drinks next thing I know it was 6pm boat leaves at 5pm when? I got to the port yep the boat left me
    so went to the airport & paid like $400 for a one way ticket to the US Virgin Islands which was the next port of call for the boat.

  28. Beetlegator says:

    I been on 3 cruises and when I was on shore I? ALWAYS made it a point to be on the ship BEFORE it left port.

  29. TravelGuyTravel says:


  30. bcnfreak says:

    did u? ever see them again?

  31. Edouard Marin says:

    cela m’est arrivรฉ ร  mascate ; QUELLE TROUILLE? ! EssayeD’Etre heureux33

  32. keatonw12 says:

    That’s? kinda sad

  33. Superronny212 says:

    Id b cring nd yelling at that girl I’m a huge Disney fan nd it looks like the women’s fault? for shoping