West Coast Canada (Vlog #112)

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23 Responses to “West Coast Canada (Vlog #112)”

  1. MsAsianNinja says:

    I just watched? Chengman’s version of this haha

  2. jessboux says:

    Awwww, I’m like…an hour and a half boat? ride from Vancouver xD

  3. kpopnat says:

    ahhh 🙁 i miss? vancouver.

  4. amirmoriable says:

    laksa xD?

  5. xoRiceBunnyox says:

    “I eat Kimchi” I think we’re all aware that Koreans eat Kimchi cause? of TOP.

  6. EpicB2stFanOhh says:

    what da? heo dat

  7. dahDimmSUm says:

    She’s all? wet

  8. JustARandomAsiandude says:

    CHENGMAN!!!!!! OMG!!! ?

  9. 23playerone says:

    hahahaha didn’t expect? chengman!

  10. xXPurpleCougar16Xx says:


  11. sharinganblossom97 says:

    Hhaaha I love? Asian people!

  12. tifflehoang says:

    chengman? !!

  13. MrTwinky97 says:

    3:00 asian make house look? big hihihihi

  14. LandLoop says:

    LMAOOO subtitles need although they’re speaking? English.

  15. XxxMuseluverxxX says:

    3:05? dang, what a nice house xo

  16. blinkblink1358 says:

    i saw you on the skytrain coming? back from the wedding haha

  17. XJustSomeCoolDudeX says:

    l’d better be crazy poor Russian than one of those ugly sleazy disgusting shiteaters. l would go nuts and? kill them all if i had to live? with them.

  18. thatloudasianguy says:

    chengman? shameless plugging win

  19. thatloudasianguy says:

    lol arcane mode… looooool?

  20. maimai1minhanh91 says:

    i? think thats the newly wed couple

  21. oOazniiOo says:

    Did that guy? just.. propose?

  22. bluepool210 says:

    Heh heh get back to? Vancouver!!!

  23. jastinezz says:

    that dryer thing? hasn’t worked since 2004…at least ahahaha