Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada

Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada Reviews

10 Marine Drive SE
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (7 Reviews)

Review by Dave D.
Am I the only one that feels Wendy’s doesn’t get the respect it deserves when it comes to fast food?

Aside from the Whopper, which cant be beat, Wendy’s is…
Rating: 4

Review by Paul L.
The Bacon-nator is one juicy, fatty, and messy bundle of joy in your hand. Just what I wanted, bacon, bacon, bacon, meat, cheese, and more meat. It’s great…
Rating: 3

Review by Chelsea M.
It’s by my house. It’s cheap. I like their spicy chicken burger.

Staff and time wise they’re okay.

Getting into the parking lot isn’t easy if you’re…
Rating: 2