We Are More – Shane Koyczan

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15 Responses to “We Are More – Shane Koyczan”

  1. SallysRandomness says:

    This is so inspiring. Thank? you and you can expect another poem like this, except less awesome and made by me.

  2. iloveJESUS1223 says:

    I am American and I still love this poem, clearly he loves and is very proud of his country and he should be. I love my country, but there are times when I wonder what it would be like to live elsewhere, if it would be different, more peaceful.?

  3. betazors says:

    I am proud to have immigrated to? Canada.

  4. jootyar says:

    I’m? proud to be Canadian.

  5. MyMusicchick says:

    that’s mean I’m dual So i? find people thinking Canadians are better very rude. The US has things better than Canada

  6. MyMusicchick says:

    Happy Canada Day?

  7. MsBeautifulRed says:

    Fantastic. Thanks so? much!

  8. benfrenchman says:

    I’m from the UK. Nearly Canada day guys! Keep doing it right!?

  9. pearlxzildjian says:

    and that’s just the one with? the guts to admit it.

  10. pearlxzildjian says:

    1 american saw this video, and? wishes he was Canadian

  11. roughrider1111 says:

    im? saying how could anyone dislike this video

  12. mikepainer says:

    are? you implying that, how could this video get a dislike? Or are you saying the how could this get ONLY one dislike?

  13. Jessica Bell says:

    I’m American but i liked this? video because it’s true people shouldn’t be judge and this man who wrote this is a person who cares for his Country & represents Canada & i respect that.

  14. freeyourmind94 says:

    the one dislike is? an american

  15. roughrider1111 says:

    Ok how? could this get 1 dislike