Vlog #8: Lyrical Soulfood Concert. Vancouver, Canada!

SUBSCRIBE! www.youtube.com Much props to Michael Tomboc for coordinating his first concert! definitely successful! this has to be be one of the funnest concerts that i’ve ever done in my life! people in canada show SOOO much support and love! also, it’s finally great to see Jeff Bernat and I on the same lineup again. it’s been 2 long years since we had a show together. I’m glad to spend some time with him. Definitely grew closer to him as a friend with the deep talks we had about life. This man has a big heart and definitely someone you’ve got to meet! VAN CITY/SUUUURAY, CANADA, thank you! and i hope to see you again soon!
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Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada and one of the most beautiful on the American continent, a dynamic metropolis set in a beautiful location with a temperate climate throughout the year. Close to the harbor area, the city’s skyscrapers have proliferated in recent years. The capital of the southwestern province of British Columbia has developed into an economic centre of renown. The city’s oldest buildings were built less than 100 years ago because the former wooden houses of old Vancouver were destroyed by fire. Several buildings reflect the origin of their inhabitants and are similar to those in the United States and Europe. Inspired by the Colosseum in Rome, an elegant structure of pink stone and glass, Canada Place, is located in the busy centre of the new harbor district and is also the city’s most recent landmark. Close by is Harbor Centre, a modern skyscraper complex with a shopping centre and a Skylift to the top floor. A glass elevator transports visitors to a 167-metre high observation platform where the view across the city, harbor and bay is overwhelming. The exciting Skytrain is the city’s most popular means of transport, an ultra-modern train built on posts that zig zags its way through the city. Each of the city’s most important destinations are easily accessible and it has reduced the city’s traffic problems considerably. For the World Exhibition of 1986, on the edge of Chinatown, gardeners and craftsmen from Suzhou, China established Canada’s
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11 Responses to “Vlog #8: Lyrical Soulfood Concert. Vancouver, Canada!”

  1. mernlovesmusic says:

    so many Americans love our? ketchup chips aha 😀

  2. Angel18465 says:

    AMIEL!!! :DD
    Remember when you met this? girl named Ronnie?
    Yep, I was the girl who was on the phone x]
    ILY!!!! <333 :DD

  3. divo97 says:

    is that joey fatone from n sync on? 6 36

  4. TheAsianzs says:


  5. igeralddayawon says:

    song? at 2:06 ?

  6. floraonFIRE says:

    If You? Wonder- Jeff Bernat

  7. tcamillejane says:

    Thanks for the band-aid.

  8. mrkrisme says:

    MEL AND? JOHN! hahaha

  9. igeralddayawon says:

    whats tht song? at 3:03 ?

  10. bakong says:

    Reminds me off tims vlogs? lol

  11. december25th says:

    oh my god so that WAS YOU! I walked past a huge crowd? of filipino people and thought just MAYBE you were there but I couldn’t tell if it was you or not.