Viti Wine and Lager

Viti Wine and Lager Reviews

900 Seymour Street
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (15 Reviews)

Review by Amanda W.
Best beer store in the city – great microbrew selection. Not cheap though.
Also, it says this is a wine bar, but it’s not – the wine bar is next door (Uva).
Rating: 5

Review by Talia V.
Viti has a great wine selection and decent prices, but their staff are really their biggest strength.

Viti was a block away from our old spot so we found…
Rating: 3

Review by Michelle S.
2012 review (update):
I’ve gone back to Viti’s a few times since “the incident” and it seems as if that guy isn’t working there anymore. The staff have been…
Rating: 3