VITAS 2011! ‘Sleepless Nights’ O Sole Mio, ????, Nessun Dorma & Opera 2 in Vancouver

Vitas came to Vancouver Canada and performed for the very first time at the River Rock Show Theatre in Richmond BC on February 03, 2011. Vitas sang in different languages: Italian (Nessun Dorma, O Sole Mio, La Donna Mobile, Ave Maria), Chinese (????The Tibetan Plateau) and, of course, Opera 2 and other Russian songs. The concert is titled Sleepless Nights and the singer himself is being described as an ‘Artist Who You Have Been Waiting For.’ [Please note: This music video of Vitas’s first ever concert in Vancouver is only available at Vancouver21. . A special thank you to the Vitas concert producers for making this arrangement possible. Video producer Ray Van Eng. Music Video MV shot with Sony VG10 High Definition (HD) Handycam.] Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sunny day downtown Vancouver

24 Responses to “VITAS 2011! ‘Sleepless Nights’ O Sole Mio, ????, Nessun Dorma & Opera 2 in Vancouver”

  1. Otello Rizzi says:

    and this vid is a proof he is an authentic singer…
    he? is so awesome

  2. HendoshHou says:

    i think the way he behaves while singing expressed his? passion for singing and shows how passionate is he singing actually

  3. dpara22 says:

    really? and how exactly a normal? behaviour look to you?? Not many can appreciate and stand this beautiful frequency..such a shame

  4. twisted286 says:

    i? no

  5. fede666mm says:

    pavadas NO!?

  6. pearlwhite21 says:

    I just saw the 2003 concert and i thought the same? thing x)

  7. cyrillim01 says:

    He is a real? singer and real artist. People should not be doubtful about his talent.

  8. XVocaloidxLover says:

    He looked soo different from his? 2000 concert

  9. RusyaMAster2 says:

    ??????? =))
    ????? ?? Blu-ray ????????? =)))
    ????? ???????? ?????????? ? ???? ????? =)

  10. Bobeenliu says:

    I? love Vitas and its his real voice you can see it from he always move Microphone away

  11. tanshihlek says:

    tht is not falsetto tht is true voice?

  12. toxich1n1 says:

    why he purposely stop? little stop little bit when he was singing?

  13. toxich1n1 says:

    he can sing it do easily ~? pro!

  14. toxich1n1 says:

    he really enjoy!?

  15. SuperWoster says:

    ??? ?? ?????? ??? ???????

  16. yellowmoped says:

    looks like he’s having a? lot of fun up there 🙂

  17. Daniel80876 says:

    He sings? to the plywood.
    His real voice (/watch?v=rCDrRZQXgks)

  18. Daniel80876 says:

    ?? ???? ???? ??????.
    ??? ????????? ????? (/watch?v=rCDrRZQXgks)

  19. CooleJule7 says:

    thaaank youuu :D?

  20. cosmosman says:

    if he? didn’t he’d be boring

  21. barmaqwa says:

    za ws za nas za vitas:)?

  22. 29kasandra says:

    I love Vitas? !

  23. bbufo234 says:

    ????? ??????????!!!!!

  24. TheSimke1990 says:

    Amazing!!! ?