Views from Grouse Mountain – Vancouver, Canada.

Grouse Mountain and the Skyride are probably some of the most popular attractions with tourists. The locals use the mountain for skiing and other outdoor activities while tourists like myself just go up to get some great views of the city. Grouse Mountain is one of tree mountains close to downtown where you can go to ski. You can even walk up if you care to. It’s about a tree kilometer walk with an elevation gain of about 900 meters – so not an easy walk at all. I spoke to an older man who had walked up in just over an hour – he did so about 30 times a year. There’s a competition held every year and you have to be faster than about 20-25 minutes to beat the record 🙂 The views from up here are pretty sweet. The weather in April is fairly hazy but I think it was well worth the trip up – 8 minutes on the Skyride. HD version available at

22 Responses to “Views from Grouse Mountain – Vancouver, Canada.”

  1. natgirl1999 says:

    pause at? 33 seconds.thats scary!!!

  2. atreyu2ty says:

    Man this is awesome?

  3. betococa says:

    Volviendo a? vivir…

  4. cheeriosinabowl says:

    Went up Grouse Mountain during the fall a few years back.

    Beautiful views, nice walking paths, everything was cool, fresh. Nice quiet break from downtown Van.

    Highly recommended for a day tour or even 1/2 day tour, if you’re in the? area.

  5. tantanpowns says:

    If you go to grouse? mountain, you will pass my house lol

  6. imsixftsix says:

    I forgot to add,…Greetings from Atlanta, GA.? USA

  7. imsixftsix says:

    Went to Grouse Mtn. 3 days ago. It? was magical..Sat on the deck next to the restaurant and watched the mist float through the fir trees..downtown Vancouver looked like it was being viewed from a flying airplane. Coola and his brother were playing in their enclosure.. Towards the end of the day the mountain was enveloped in fog and there were snow drifts still several feet high along the walk paths… Would love to go back someday! Vancouver is wonderful!

  8. Megadeaf75 says:


  9. RicoBergholdtHansen says:

    Sorry, I’m not an expert? on snow fall 🙂 I was there as a tourist (from Denmark).

  10. mattyj46 says:

    simply awesome, amazing how much snow? there is so close to Vancouver, how much snow does the upper lonsdale area receive? as I am moving there next month

  11. NeilPeartisGod14 says:

    Going to Vancouver in 6 days, can’t? wait!

    Nice vid by the way.

  12. Vroldekhan says:

    excelente video man, very good? quality, cheers

  13. anseryt says:

    Amazing video.What a marvelous job.?

  14. HeartOfTheBeat says:

    ok thanks for? that.

  15. RicoBergholdtHansen says:

    Amon Tobin “Natureland”.

    Credits are at? the end of the clip 🙂

  16. HeartOfTheBeat says:

    what’s? the music please?

  17. darkhankz says:

    not that good, its? ok

  18. bugpumper says:

    if you think the views were good here, you should have seen it in august 2006 when? I got married there on a hot sunny day.

  19. PoiMaverick says:

    Only on the internet? can a person find fault with correct grammar and context. Nice try to get a rise out of me, but I try to save the eloquent smut for the blog.

  20. Phatberry says:

    god i love vancouver!?

  21. Phatberry says:

    Jesus, yo said that in very standard english…..’ and now? i will corress my buttocks and slide my finger between my cheeks, and put a very pleasing smile on my face’

  22. RicoBergholdtHansen says:

    You are of course correct. North Vancouver is east of the Lions Gate Bridge while West? Vancouver is west of the bridge.