Victoria, BC: Full Of Life

Victoria is a city of energy and progress. It boasts a stunning natural landscape and is steeped in a culture that has preserved and nurtured the best of its history without being stuck in the past. It’s a place where the laid-back modernism of the West Coast blends with time-honoured British, European, and Asian traditions.
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9 Responses to “Victoria, BC: Full Of Life”

  1. bimmer3fan says:

    from the legislature website –

    B.C. citizens appreciate and are engaged in the parliamentary process through public education about the institution of Parliament and the significance of the B.C. Parliament Buildings.?

  2. bimmer3fan says:

    Actually, I was confused about this when I first moved here in 1994, but soon discovered that they are in fact referred? to as the BC Parliament Buildings where the Legislature meets look up

  3. oceanexplorations says:

    They? are called the Legislative Buildings….. Not the Parliament Buildings. (Parliament is in Ottawa.)

  4. oogallecta says:

    Moving to Victoria from Vancouver? in August. SO STOKED!

  5. superwindex says:

    amazing video really shows how amazing this city truly is, stoked to move away from campbell river to the big city always wanted to live here my? entire life and now i get the chance to!!

  6. VictoriaSampler says:

    This is a wonderful up to date video to show our visitors Victoria’s beauty and? fun !

  7. criminalmindslover12 says:

    Hi I am? going to Victoria in 2 weeks and I just wanted to ask how is it there? And can u tell me about it and if I will like it?

  8. NuweHorisonne says:

    Well? said !!!!
    Canada is WONDERFUL for its’ harmony among different ethnic groups.
    My dream is to someday come to live in Victoria or Vancouver!
    Sorry for my terrible English

  9. lena050698 says:

    Eh bien, vous avez manifestement pas été à Victoria. Pour votre information, Victoria est une belle, aimante, et spectaculaire. C’est plein de culture et les gens sont fantastiques. Où êtes-vous? France? Québec? Oh ne vous inquiétez pas? un peu de français sont snobs et ne pensent qu’à eux que vous aimez