Vancouver’s Koreatown

Coquitlam Korean Food Centers Scott Road & Lougheed Highway Greater Vancouver BC
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13 Responses to “Vancouver’s Koreatown”

  1. Kwiatkowskiy says:

    aaww dude? welcome to canada then and u posted this video 1 day before my birthday hehe

  2. NHRHS2010 says:

    I live in New? Jersey too and there is also a H-Mart kinda close to me too. The one I usually go to is in Ridgefield, NJ. Quite a drive for just grocery shopping (even a little farther than Costco) but well worth it.

  3. NHRHS2010 says:


    The Hanahreum mart! There is some in the New York City? area.

  4. drsnowmon says:

    I like H-mart? among them all

  5. michaelarnold13 says:

    that is the nicest compliment ive ever received
    thanks o much

    I love you? 😀

  6. Starfighter9397 says:

    I made my first trip to Korea in part due to your videos…. and this year we’ve decided to visit Vancouver? also largely due to your videos… I guess I’m saying I love your video wherever you make them from!

  7. mattyboy893 says:

    There’s an H-Mart about 20 minutes away from me here in NJ. It’s a great store, lovely? workers there too. Great video Mike. Take care.

  8. michaelarnold13 says:

    yes, North Road, what was i thinking ? haha

  9. creegal says:

    Isn’t that? North Road just off of Lougheed? Scott Road is in Surrey.

  10. chantingmom says:

    I introduced my friend to our local H Mart…we have such fun trying new food. We are both addicted to the HongCho drink.? We are also making our way thru the food stales for lunch each time we go. have fun!!

  11. maggiephuang says:

    I often shop at H-mart in my nearby city Diamond Bar, CA….there? are nice and clean also good prices!

  12. michaelarnold13 says:

    there is nothing in Korea that I cant get here and as the prices of everything grows in Korea and here it becomes competitive,its a win win sitution for me?

  13. nagaempress says:

    I frequent my Asian grocer as well. I love the great deals that I? get!