Vancouver’s Canada Line Train System: Opening Aug 17, 2009 — A Passenger’s Experience

An in-depth look at the Canada Line.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

An ESPN Classic Canada documentary of NHL Expansion from 1967-1999.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 Responses to “Vancouver’s Canada Line Train System: Opening Aug 17, 2009 — A Passenger’s Experience”

  1. bmw320540750 says:

    thanks for uploading? you have a great transportation system in Vancouver

  2. brandon123ss says:

    this day? is my birthday

  3. 69southpole says:

    Why? did Europeans(Whities aka Crackers) come to Canada? Sorry but your the biggest immigrants here.

  4. HKJTV says:

    I am sorry for any confusion caused, but this was? purely for fun.

  5. corporatei says:

    @whynotloser 😕 actually this is the Vancouver City Centre Open House a few weeks before Opening Day. The MTR annoucements was added on by this HKJTV and it’s all fake.

  6. kl9977gmail says:


  7. AR0M4N says:

    nice film?

  8. underman1 says:

    Well? I dont know why others come to sais, but I would ike to escape where I live now, it is usually cause of the mean people who ruin Canada, and we have screwed up governments including mayors.

  9. tarashel says:

    how come ppl frm canada coming to asia looking for jobs?? shouldnt they be looking in canada instead? oh wait i forgot they aint no job left for everyone there!? lol

  10. Superiorpakfan says:

    They are over populated thats why!? you should see australia! brutal

  11. lvll138inrs says:

    how come people from asian countries immigrate to canada? shouldnt they be living? in asia isntead?

  12. corporatei says:

    Canada Line does not have this kind of MTR announcements.? It is all fake.

  13. heyburger says:

    Is their a point to why you added british voice announcements. The trains were not even running? that day!

  14. xviper101 says:


  15. quiksilverrules14 says:

    why does the announcer have a British accent.? Kind of defeats the name Canada Line

  16. pspboy7 says:

    Was this? train built to prepare for the games in 2010? Just wondering, kinda seems like it.

  17. wowiehoho says:

    5:14 LOL? i’ll give a 5 stars for that

  18. c7pooh says:

    i rode the train today, and there? was no MTR announcement, and I dun see much similarity compared with the hk one

  19. yuna238 says:

    Are you sure gng11? Because the train was designed by? Hyundai who manufactured it.

  20. gng11 says:

    The train cars were built and design in Korea. The system as a whole was designed by the British Hong Kong? fellow.

  21. Evan8787 says:

    Yes those teams have been successful but even with their success: NJ, ANA, DAL, CAR all are bottom in the NHL in attendance, people only care when the playoffs comes around. NJ is dreadful, a consistent quality team that competes and still ranks lower than Florida in attendance. Hockey is more surviving there than working. Florida is improving and I think they should be given a chance more & Phoenix is a failure no? matter what. Most of the teams should stay in the North, where hockey thrives.

  22. tanax1973 says:


  23. c4mpbell says:

    I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that bud, Anaheim ,Dallas, Carolina and New Jersey have proved that hockey can work in those markets. New Jersey was just in the Finals this year, and i saw a packed house at all of their playoff games. All 4 of those teams have won cups in the last 13 years. The fan? base is there. Florida is getting better, but Phoenix…well…yeah i think maybe they should relocate. But I would LOVE to see franchises in the cities you mentioned :).

  24. Evan8787 says:

    Get rid of Anaheim, Dallas, Florida, Carolina, New Jersey & Phoenix.? All doomed failures! Places like Hartford, Quebec City, Regina, Halifax, 2nd Toronto team, Seattle, Milwaukee & maybe even Portland are better destinations. The success of Winnipeg proved that you don’t need a big city, just the love for hockey so I say put as many teams possible in the land that hockey was born.

  25. Evan8787 says:

    Toronto is the best hockey town, it deserves? a 2nd team so it can go in Hamilton or somewhere in the GTA. Move teams like Phoenix, Anaheim, New Jersey, Miami & Dallas which are forever failures and move them to Quebec City, Milwaukee, Seattle, Hartford & Regina/Halifax.

  26. scotty2scoops says:

    agree with Hartford and Houston but better? then Quebec City are you high

  27. scotty2scoops says:

    You forgot Portland
    and? yes Hamilton does deserve a team

  28. 71JetsFan says:


  29. Jamazin Coolige says:

    My Panthers dont? play in Miami idiot. SUNRISE/FORT LAUDERDALE. Go Panthers!!!!

  30. sikuaka2 says:

    flyers? more successful then pittsburgh LOL