Vancouver Zombie Walk 2010 (21/08/10)

Zombies walk through the streets of vancouver and cause chaos. Flash mob Stalk Max: Stalk Alex: Music: Kevin MacLeod
Video Rating: 4 / 5

*PLEASE RATE THIS VIDEO & COMMENT* This is a roller coaster simulation of the last 35 years of the Vancouver Real Estate market. The actual graph you’re riding is the inflation adjusted value of a house in Vancouver BC based on data collected by Royal LePage and calculated by the UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate. Some of the peaks and troughs have been rounded to keep the train from flying off the tracks, but other than that slight modification it is a precise scale model of the red line on this graph: Recent talk of a Canadian housing bubble calls for a look at the history of our bubbliest city: Vancouver BC. When the housing bubble of the early eighties popped in this city some house prices dropped by 50% over the next couple of years and didn’t reach their inflation adjusted real price again for 25 years. What would a real estate market bust look like these days? This video was created using NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation software:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 Responses to “Vancouver Zombie Walk 2010 (21/08/10)”

  1. got2rush says:

    witch and hunter :O 3:05?

  2. got2rush says:

    OH? CRAP WITCH 0:40

  3. RaggaR28 says:

    Lights off!?

  4. jen11101 says:

    I liked this video when I saw the Hunter.

    But I liked? the whole video anyways 😀

  5. RandomFunnyGaming says:

    LOLED at? 3:11 😀

  6. berzerker501 says:

    a. hey hey there r Zombies attack’n
    b. yeah zombie walk.
    a. no really zombies.
    b. zombies are not real,? ur just high.
    zombies bits him
    b. ahh Zombies
    a. i told you

  7. haleyanddiana says:

    L4D FTW!?

  8. TWJorDisOn1 says:


  9. trycoun says:

    nice video, thumbs? up

  10. Skunkoon98241 says:

    Thumbs up for the? Witch and Hunter!

  11. DisabledZombieInc says:


  12. dwarfious says:

    what if a shit like this happens in the reality?! i bet you cant crack a smile then.youll shit your pant’s!so to all those zombie fanatics don’t wish for something you’ll? regret!

  13. DJFENIXful says:


  14. swisstust says:

    OMG is a? flower!!!! 1:07

  15. esmeetje49 says:

    1:12? pretty flowerguy<3

  16. jzama85 says:

    cool anti-zombie? vehicle.

  17. JCMDUSA says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD

    when there is no room in hell? the dead walk the earth

  18. erne0042 says:

    first zombi is? sexi

  19. SdtPerrin says:

    WTF the dude on his skate board? 3:10 loll i almost piss my self !!

  20. deathknight246810 says:

    these zombies? need to be scarier

  21. Crimson9724 says:

    I don’t care? about you Canadian real estate shmucks blabbing on. I saw the video for the coaster 😀

  22. emaildeidre says:


  23. sirpoy says:

    Did I died??

  24. nessa86515 says:

    That was kind of sad at thw end boo you lol I not kinding? too by the way

  25. alexsis galvez says:

    WOW i was scared? looking at it im afrid of hights and i would never never ever go on that THING so ya PEACE OUT

  26. lolalove168 says:

    i? was drowned

  27. SuperUltraDeltaTron says:

    They should make this into? an acctual ride 🙂

  28. outofordinaryabbey78 says:

    I would die if I ever get? in a ride like this lol is awesome xD

  29. RollerCoasterKid2005 says:

    Whoa this stuff is getting me? dizzy

  30. IllxllI says:

    Yes but dude face it, no one will live in a home for 100 years, heck even 20 years. We usually max out at around 10 years and switch out. We came from a 1700 Sq.ft home, finding it was not enough for? a family of four, and wanted something bigger for guests and ourselves. 1400 would be a bit on the small side esp. for 4 people. Yes 3500 is more than most people need. 2300-2700 sq. ft would be optimal though.

  31. fatmaggi says:

    Some people prefer a 100 year old home. No offence, I’m sure your house is nice and all, but yours won’t be around in 100 years. They’re made for 50 years nowadays…unless you got some super sweet custom deal. Old house people vs. new house people….2 different breeds I’d say. I also think 3500 sq ft. is probably more than most need. More to clean, pay for, heat, cool, fix….My house is 1400 sq ft. Cheap, beautiful and built? to last.

  32. IllxllI says:

    I see where you’re coming from, the natural way of getting things done. It is a good way to live life. But, I don’t think its worth living in a 100 year old home vs. a 1 year home, a 2000 sq.ft home vs. a 3500 sq.ft home, brand new stuff (no problems) vs. old things, and a? car for getting anywhere I need. On top of that, that 700 dollars I spend extra is way less than what you paid for your home relative to mine. And in these ‘burbs’ there are also rivers, lakes, trees, farms as well.

  33. fatmaggi says:

    I did buy a house to walk to work and groceries. I save 700 dollars a month by being a one car family. There are beautiful mature trees where I live, beautiful old houses with real brick work, a lovely river is a block from my 100 year old house.? It takes me 10 minutes to walk to work. I’m healthier for it. Your claim that it’s either a 20 minute drive vs. 5 minute walk IS idiotic. Many commute for an hour or more. It’s best if you stay in the burbs. You don’t get it.

  34. IllxllI says:

    suburban shit-hole? How is it that, if it looks way better/cleaner/more natural than the city? And everything is reached by cars nowadays. If you are buying a home so you could walk to work and groceries, I consider? that idiotic. Who the hell would mind driving 20 mins to work vs. 5 min to walk. Cmon. Really?

  35. Abitibidoug says:

    Wow, what a great video, it sums up the Vancouver real estate market quite well. I wonder, when prices crash why isn’t there a flood of buyers then to reduce the drop? Similarly, when it goes high why aren’t there more sellers trying to take profits which would stop the market from going so high? That would even out the extremes and keep the market stable, much like how a governor keeps? the speed of an engine stable by giving it more power when too slow and less when it goes too fast.

  36. fatmaggi says:

    Well, I think it’s idiotic to pay that much for a house….but I think it’s even? more idiotic to buy a 3500 square foot suburban shit-hole that you can’t leave unless you are in a car.

  37. IllxllI says:

    I know, I can’t stand people dying to buy? these small, old, roughly-treated homes in Toronto for like $800,000 when you could get a freaking gorgeous 3500 sq.ft like-new home just 25 minutes out. WAKE UP PEOPLE.