Vancouver Timelapse

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Deadmau5 opening his set in Vancouver BC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    okay so? try to live in the same block as 3 gypsy families live huh…

  2. PatricaMacjella says:

    I’m not Asian I’m just not a racist.?


    u r funny u asian? prick

  4. Jimbofx911 says:

    Nicely done. So glad the music was not? irritating.

  5. fireboy1985 says:

    what program did u? use fopr these time lapse?

  6. TheReturnOfLelouch says:

    WHO? can’t??…

  7. GoldenGhettoFilms says:

    There’s an entire housing complex near where I live that is owned by some guy in Hong Kong, nobody lives in it, he’s just hanging onto it til the housing prices soar so he can let it go. This is an? example of the Asian investment that has helped Vancouver- it’s also caused the prices of real estate to skyrocket, and everything is now directed at the business class rather than the working class. Public funds are mishandled like a drunkards pocket of change.

  8. PatricaMacjella says:

    Funny? my uncle says that in the 70’s it was kind of a shit – like Granville and Davie was filled with crack heads and that Asian investment helped the economy improve and made the city better.

  9. PatricaMacjella says:

    @colinh25 Vancouver is? amazing!! Maybe you lived in the poor people, crackhead, junkie part of the city. And it’s
    “which” not “witch.”

  10. mdgraden says:

    Awesome video? even though it’s not high-depth.

  11. sunnyinsf says:

    what is the black thing that drops down at 1:16 in the upper left side and stays there? until about 1:35 or so?

  12. bymacorg17 says:

    Nice time-lapse movie! smooth! Do you know you can make time-lpase movies with any camera with this device: (copy address to browser):
    Works with ANY camera!? cool 😛

  13. swanlaker02 says:

    The band is KC Accidental (members of Broken Social Scene) and the song is titled “Silver fish Eyelashes.” Get the whole album. It’s good. ?

  14. pamelashrink says:

    Thank? you for creating such a beautiful kinetic portrait of a much beloved city!

  15. adamkev2000 says:

    just stay out of the east side? whatevs!!?

  16. CLASHofTHElonders says:

    vancouver is great i live here i wouldnt live anywhere else but theres alot? of dumb people here just like anyother city

  17. Mrcontreras19 says:

    I don’t have? a problem with deadmau but I don’t get his music it’s so …….. Weird I prefer skrillex just saying. ps my friend said to check him out

  18. yusomeme1234 says:

    Deadmau5 is house music. Skrillex is dubstep. If you don’t like deadmau5, GTFO of this section of YouTube. If you talk smack about him, just shuuuuuuuttttttt up! Us people that like deadmau5 don’t want to? hear it!

  19. LegitXXXGamers says:

    I like deadmau5 but I prefer electronic music when it builds? up and theres a drop but I think it take to long to build up but still good music

  20. ninjas1504 says:

    its jus a guy i a mouse head

  21. Mason Edmunds says:


  22. Greg Tamaki says:

    Biggest load of SHIT. Pure? rubbish.

  23. EXZIZTMusic says:

    man deadmau5 is awesome i love him?

  24. TurskyOFFICIAL says:

    no, he does? pre-mix. he uses ableton live sets

  25. Cschive says:

    With their hands ;)?

  26. OrmanMatt says:

    How can a human produce such? good music?

  27. dasingingpengroup says:

    7:30 it? gets good XD

  28. dasingingpengroup says:


  29. Nirotix says:

    It’s NOT pre-mixed. Joel mixes all his tracks? on the fly, thus his PRODUCER status. He hates the term “DJ” b/c he doesn’t DJ… He produces. If you check out his shows, none of his tracks sound the same, even if they are the same track.

  30. SugarW1thC0ffee says:

    and thats at the olympics lol :D?

  31. SugarW1thC0ffee says:

    deadmau5 ain’t for you :/ ?

  32. tehhhhhd says:

    You’re slow? and boring. It’s called an intro/build.

  33. MohammedJafar says:

    Why does it take so long to? get good. Too slow and boring until 5:38

  34. thierjp says:

    and if theres a show that’s not free, remember most people work for there money, and dumping it all on deadmau5… HELL YEAH? THATS WORTH IT

  35. Oalco0459 says:

    so worth it right ;D?

  36. CoDmanners says:


  37. MrCombinesoldier says:

    deadmau5 is Canada’s apolgy for Justin Beiber. APOLGY ACCEPTED.?