Vancouver Skytrain Timelapse (Canada Line)

Take a high-speed ride on the SkyTrain. The trip begins in Richmond at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and ends in downtown Vancouver at Waterfront Station. Video & music by:

Angry, drunken revellers ran wild on Wednesday night after the Vancouver Canucks’ 4-0 loss to Boston in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, setting cars and garbage cans ablaze, smashing windows, showering giant TV screens with beer bottles and dancing atop overturned vehicles. Later, looters smashed windows and ran inside department stores. There were no immediate indications of injuries, although images were shown on television of at least one woman mopping blood from her forehead. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson praised the police and firefighters and asked people to stay away from the central downtown area. Tear gas mingled with the stench of acrid smoke and stale beer as riot police, truncheons drawn, moved in to quell the violence, pushing crowds away from the burning cars. Later, police cars also were set on fire.
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  1. suzino1000 says:


  2. bagelboi66 says:

    This is my most? fave video clip of my least fave SkyTrain line.

  3. 1500hp0525 says:

    Your channel is? evolving , We @ 1500hp salute you sir,thank you!

  4. awaldegrave says:

    Cool video
    Check out some of my? Time Lapse video
    I subscribed to your channel while back,please return the sub
    Thanks man,keep up the cool videos

  5. MrRobloMan says:

    The tunnel? after Olympic Village makes your eyes spin! XD

  6. denelson83 says:

    The Canada Line doesn’t go far enough south. It should extend all the way to the Tsawwassen Ferry? Terminal.

  7. bcnewsvideo says:

    Nice video?

  8. TranslinkKid says:

    Is? it okay if I use the music in a time-lapse video I’m also making?

  9. RZXK says:

    i love? canada, I want to go and live in vancouver.

    Ernesto from mexico.

  10. skagui1 says:

    Moron its the canada? line -______-

  11. john84928 says:

    Dam I Miss Canada 🙁

  12. joeflyer72 says:

    It felt like a? roller coaster…

  13. SuperWarioWorld285 says:

    You forgot to show the? Aberdeen, Lawnsdowne, and Brighouse stations. But it was good.

  14. sexysugaboi says:

    the? tunnel is trippy.

  15. Br0kenlies420 says:

    Watch this high.?

  16. bayboss500 says:

    Great city?

  17. radiofreebc says:

    It’s something I made on my laptop. I don’t really have a name for it. It’s called Song 46, because it’s the 46th beat? I made. If you search radiofreebc on soundcloud, you can download the track. I haven’t actually finished it yet…haha.

  18. KungFuTroll says:

    music music, somebody please tell me the? name of this Track….

  19. EasilyWowed says:

    I haven’t visited Vancouver since 1994. But good on the city for having a bigger and much improved rapid transit system. Watching this rapid video (in the tunnels) was hypnotic. ? I like your (link to: ) links. WELL DONE!

  20. likitty20 says:

    i only? downloaded it because… its awesome

  21. radiofreebc says:

    Glad you like? the track, I’ve made it downloadable on Soundcloud. I checked out your page, is that your music? Pretty cool!

  22. endub909 says:

    The Canada Line trains are? actually made by Hyundai Rotem

  23. superyusrie says:

    Whose train is this ?? Bombardier ??

  24. trojannajort says:

    why isnt there a video showing: brighouse, landsdowne,? and aberdeen then hooking up at bridgeport?

  25. mitztrick says:

    Stupid Canadians?

  26. darklifeproduction says:

    …yes cause canadians fans never riot?

  27. thatisfunnyveryfunny says:

    … wat?

  28. thatisfunnyveryfunny says:

    Yes. but Vancouver is only big about hockey. You wouldn’t see people rioting? about the Lions, Whitecaps, or Canadians. Most people don’t even know their schedules. Nobody really cares or even know about other sports teams around here

  29. James Walker says:

    They made hockey so? then they disgrace it… lol?

  30. cleansongs1999 says:

    thanks alot for making? canada look even worse

  31. MultiWeirdo99 says:

    The majority of them were? anarchists.

  32. 1999Dorito says:

    i know im kidding when the lakers won a championship california went bizerk. dont take it hard on? urself cuz we americans have a dumb histor too

  33. UntoldSniping says:

    The majority of them were probably just non-fan ass holes looking for a reason to riot.?

  34. Masterown35 says:

    You do realize almost all of our major sports are? played in Canada too right? Hockey, football, soccer, baseball……. Try again buddy

  35. Masterown35 says:

    A bunch of drunk idiots? Almost that whole city was rioting. i don’t think they? were all drunk

  36. gosensgo83 says:

    but still its? just embarrassing behaviour for all Canadians, actually anyone from anywhere to participate in

  37. gosensgo83 says:

    This is what i f*cking hate, a few people from different countries see this video and think all Canadians are like this, We are not all like? this, These were just a bunch of drunk idiots that screwed up their own city over a championship, but then again didn’t america also have a few riots after their teams won? Vancouver lost so at least they had a reson to riot.

  38. 1999Dorito says:

    Dumb? canadians

  39. Naoyasha says:

    Well we wouldn’t want to overly hurt the stupid rioter. We beat people with the police batons and ran a guy over with a cruiser durring the G20 Toronto and look what happend!
    “Uhhwha, im suing you for assult!”; says a man who was vandalizing a store window with a stop sign.
    We want to detain the rioters so we can interrogate them and find out what the hell went wrong. Not knock them out them with a flying tackle like? they do in the movies.

  40. wobbledobbleish says:

    It took 5 police to bring down one skinny white boy? lol What is the? physical requirement to be a Canadian police officer? A mere pulse?

  41. NewYork93LMFAO says:


  42. maakYleah says:

    It’s funny because Boston rioted in 2002.? And it wasn’t as bad as people think. It was like two blocks of some smashed windows this video makes it look like Vancouver was up in flames.