Vancouver Skytrain in action – February 12th 2012

Skytrain is the fastest form of urban transport within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Skytrain is operated by the British Columbia Rapid Transit Co. – part of TransLink, the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority. Three lines are currently operational – the Expo Line: opened in stages between 1985 and 1993 – the Millenium Line: opened in 2002 – and the Canada Line: opened in 2009. A fourth line – the Evergreen Line, is about to begin construction. Two types of train are in use on the Expo/Millennium Lines – the Mk1s introduced in 1985, the Mk2s in white introduced in 2002, and the MK2s in black introduced in 2009. In 2009, another type of train was introduced to Metro Vancouver. These were built by Hyundai Rotem – exclusively used on the Canada Line to YVR Airport and Richmond from Waterfront.
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5 Responses to “Vancouver Skytrain in action – February 12th 2012”

  1. bagelboi66 says:

    The Mark I’s are the coolest. And they make me feel? young. 😉

  2. Welwyn22 says:

    Not within the foreseeable future. Vancouver doesn’t have the population for non-stop expresses on Skytrain yet. The only non-stop trains on? Skytrain are the occasional “Not in Service” movements.

  3. TheWoodyWoodpecker50 says:

    Does the? SkyTrain will be also be making express stops?

  4. DangerWrap says:

    That’s? OK. 🙂

  5. Welwyn22 says:

    Information? updated. Thanks! 🙂