Vancouver: Riot/Police Vancouver: Riot / Police takes a candid look at the police involvement of the 2011 Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver, BC. On June 15th, 2011, the Vancouver Canucks lost 4-0 to the Boston Bruins in game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. Approximately 100000 disappointed fans were gathered at Georgia and Hamilton streets, watching the game on big screens set up by the city near the CBC building in downtown Vancouver. Some of these fans took it upon themselves to emulate the actions of drunken fans seventeen years ago when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the New York Rangers in game seven of the 1994 Stanley Cup finals. This video is meant to document the actions of the police that night and to provide some insight into the public’s reaction to the events. I hope you enjoy the film. A special thanks goes out to Andy Fang for the gracious permission to use his cleanup portraits in the montage paying tribute to the volunteers at the end. Thanks also goes out to for the music featured in the third part of the film. Thank you, Moby. Last but not least, I would like to thank JIM for his tremendous research and fact-checking efforts and for the continued support through the past two weeks. Copyright 2011 Nathan Buxton
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “Vancouver: Riot/Police”

  1. DetroitTigersFan187 says:

    red wings fans wouldnt dare? start this shit in Detroit! the police would start busting skulls immediately

  2. greenfansvienna says:

    respect? from europe …. acab

  3. 72david72lp says:

    Lemmy? Kilmister takes his hockey seriously. 3:35 “Next time put the puck in the net!”

  4. Ritterboy123 says:

    Thanks? for the video, I’m from Nanaimo and I know vancouver isn’t a bad place 🙂

  5. peanutty81 says:

    still to this day it makes me wanna puke to think about it ,it was so unnecessary i think the police did an amazing job young ppl today think they should have everything handed to them like chicky there beaking at the cop about constatutional right um how bout use your head and dont go shopping in the area during a riot,i feel bad for cops they get shit on for doing there job if u dont wanna get arrested behave i wouldnt wanna live in a world without? them thats a scary thought

  6. mrbrandonmacdonald says:

    stupidity at a whole new level at 8:15?

  7. Wickd004 says:

    Did? the paramedics wear bulletproof vests in the riot?

  8. 54321mas says:

    6:55 that’s my buddy? from NWPD, even in such chaotic conditions, he always remains calm and professional!

  9. TheChink2012 says:

    It’s no ones fault but the anarchists. Because later reports & interviews with? arrested, claims that they would have caused a riot either way the game turned out, win or loss.

  10. TheChink2012 says:

    Why didn’t the people who didnt participate in the riot? just leave instead of making the crowd grow bigger.

  11. mrnaji says:

    Next Time The Canucks are in the Finals bring in those Riot Supressing asshole cops from the Middle East we’ll see if? that girl at the 10:00 mark is brave

  12. mrnaji says:

    I cheered for the? cops the whole time I was watching the CTV Broadcast