Officials in Vancouver said almost 150 people required hospital treatment and almost 100 were arrested during the riot. A spokeswoman for the local health authority said three stabbing victims had been admitted and an one man was in critical condition with head injuries after a fall from a viaduct. Rioting and looting left cars burned, stores in shambles and windows shattered over a roughly 10-block radius of the city’s main shopping district. Read article: Vancouver riot ‘kiss’ photograph sparks mystery ?LIKE my videos? Share them! ?WATCH MORE: MY LINKS: • Main ? • Daily ? • Alternate • Twitter ? • Facebook ? • Dailybooth ? • Tumblr • Formspring ?http • Flickr ? • Funny or Die? Filmed by Daniel Carter (roommate) • • Intro by Blair Klunkel • Theme song produced by Robbie Jay •

How to pour a glossy coat of epoxy resin onto a painting. Epoxy Resin Acrylic painting on masonite panel and a heat gun! Artist: Kristofir Dean, Music: Resin Pheasant.
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35 Responses to “VANCOUVER RIOT!!!”

  1. Imagine8nation says:

    U my friend have another subscriber
    Love the vids man?

  2. Methyll says:

    like 1994? I’ll say? it’s far worse than 1994

  3. darkscope2 says:

    getting maced and tear gassed sucked? though 🙁

  4. ironmam48 says:

    you guys? do know that it wasnt just Canucks fans it was Boston fans too

  5. backstom19 says:

    wow canucks fan r? dat pissed yea i love hockey lets go caps

  6. Tank1dyTank says:

    Meh, not sure? where your numbers came from dude, 150 sounds a little steep compared to what I heard. Also it only lasted for three hours and tons of people helped clean up afterwards.

    And most definately a hockey fan, Go Jets!!!! 🙂

  7. StLouisBluesbestteam says:

    I did see it pretty crazy i didnt expect them to riot like that and i am a hockey fan and my favorite team is the St.Louis Blues i was born in St.Louis and still live in St.Louis and will always be a Blues fan even if we have a? shitty season GO BLUES

  8. cazzle80 says:

    🙂 thanx ?

  9. IsabellaStAudeMusic says:

    i jumped? at the end :p lol

  10. TaskrHD says:

    CANUCKS!! GTFO!! VANCOUVER!! i like canucks?

  11. TuriGuiliano100 says:

    There was a couple making out on the road during the riots (the famous photo), at least one man from Vancouver can score on? the road.

  12. cazzle80 says:

    I don’t think us aussie’s would riot like that over any sport, its just too much effort :-p ?

  13. parker7785 says:

    hockey fans are a little slow? as evidenced by this utube post…..

    go canucks……….. canadians dont kill people mostly we just trash cars and throw stuff around —

  14. born2rock4u says:

    haha very cool intro you have? there! 😉 My last name though is Kunkel. You are very close though! 😛

  15. TheReaper951 says:

    Ya VPD stated that and apperently have been getting a million tips since the riot. We really? appreciate the love man.

  16. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    Yes, I read that. It’s unfortunate? because I love Canada. Their sports fans are pretty nice, too! 🙂 Some of these rioters were the same from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  17. TheReaper951 says:

    Did you know that the rioters were actually criminals?the real fans took off their jerseys because they didnt? want to be seen as fans during that time.

  18. 1988scottcarey says:

    maybe it has? a hole!

  19. 2QQ9 says:

    vancouver los tthis series easly.. the only reason why vancouver won 3 games is 80% luck.. well that was great series, but 4-0.. C’mon canuck could do better… Canuck could win the? stanley cup easyl against boston but they failed, i don’t think vancouver will have another chance to be in the final in next 10 years.

  20. 2QQ9 says:

    dude, go check the list.. before tell something you don’t know.?

  21. kristofirdean says:

    i have never tried it, but i? have heard it works.

  22. luciferslight100 says:

    would a hair dryer do instead? of the heat gun

  23. MicheleTheberge says:

    like the? original “Resin Pheasant” composition. : )

  24. KazKylheku says:

    Softer films can still take a polish and in some ways it is easier.? You don’t have to wet sand into as high a sandpaper grit. Like, say, if you wet sand with 400 paper, if the resin is soft, the 400’s scratch marks might rub out completely with the polishing compound, eliminating the need to go to finer papers. And the 400 might cut fast enough that it’s all you need to kill the surface imperfections.

  25. kristofirdean says:

    Thanks for your feedback. The epoxy that I used on this example is for glazing? and is quite soft and somewhat flexible when dry.

  26. KazKylheku says:

    This is false. If you had a dust problem with the first coat, it will likely appear again in the second coat. Cutting and polishing by hand is easy, fun and inexpensive. Sand paper is cheap, and a bottle of rubbing compound will last you for many, many jobs. No matter? how many coats you apply (of anything, be it epoxy, urethane, acrylic, nitrocellulose lacquer, …) the appearance will improve with a cut and polish.

  27. TruthSeekingElf says:

    BEAUTIFUL? painting, great vid!!

  28. kristofirdean says:

    Apply a second layer of resin. I know it can get expensive and frustrating,? and it has happened to me several times but it is the easiest way to hide the dust that has landed on the first layer. I have never tried buffing.

  29. ryanjenny1997 says:

    Question? about dust. If you get a few dust particles in the resin, and then it dries, can they be buffed out or something?

  30. kristofirdean says:

    Thanks! I use masking tape. In Canada I used green painters tape, and here in Indonesia, I am using the? creamy coloured masking tape. If you want a razor sharp edge, burnish the edges of the tape with either your thumb or a wooden spoon, then apply a thin layer of gel medium before painting.

  31. seduktiv001 says:

    ok you’re replying so fast, thanks. I really like your style clean and modern? with a pop, i also love your colors. Anyway i still have one last question, what kind of tape do you use in making your stripes? how do you call it? thanks, you’re great!

  32. kristofirdean says:

    I do not resin all my work, because I now live in Indonesia and I cannot find the proper epoxy. I do, however, have several resin paintings in storage in? Canada.

  33. Gail Knight says:

    Do you use resin on all of your works? I have recently opened my Gallery dedicated purely to Resin Art ‘Resin? Art Gallery’
    The colours you use are transformed with the resin application! Nice!

  34. kristofirdean says:

    I used the artist quality Liquitex for this. I have used Basics before for other? projects, just not this one. The viscosity is a bit different between the student quality and the artist quality.

  35. seduktiv001 says:

    which liquitex? do you use the student grade? basic ones?