Vancouver riot raw video

Vancouver riot raw video

Watch more raw video from Global BC as riots break out in downtown Vancouver after the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup final. The score was 4-0.
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9 Responses to “Vancouver riot raw video”

  1. yourmaker74 says:

    6:33, my? friend got hammered and passed out on that bench LOL

  2. yourmaker74 says:

    6:33, my friend got hammered? and passed out on that bench LOL

  3. Hoodyrulez says:

    you? know us better than the rest. even if we won thered be a riot

  4. Dubious07 says:

    only the superior and intelligent base things off pictures with out any knowledge or basis? or argument you must be both take care loser

  5. skatenc789y says:

    Oh, canada…?

  6. JoserRocksDawg says:

    Americans are far more? civilized

  7. tsk1194 says:

    lol horses!?

  8. idkhaveaname1369 says:

    washington loves canada, rush, and the trailer park boys!!!!?

  9. chatter101010 says:

    Dear Einstein. I? did not block you from viewing my channel. I like comment priveleges and never wanted a channel. And yes I said that I based my comment on your picture, what part of that are you too stupid to understand?