Vancouver – Officially the best city in the World

Promotional video about Vancouver, a city situated in the West coast of Canada. In 2005, it was officially named the best city to live in the World. (part one) Randy Quaid reads a bizarre prepared statement to the media following his Oct. 28 appearance before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in Vancouver BC. View part two at http

46 Responses to “Vancouver – Officially the best city in the World”

  1. Hiebbs says:

    Vancouver is a great city!

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  2. nalan075 says:

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  3. bananian says:

    no jobs in? Vancouver 🙁

  4. 4EverCanela says:

    This? video is true

  5. tessab0o says:

    and? i’m a california girl 🙂

  6. Zac6230 says:

    haha iM not skinny at all, stop being goofy troll? boy

  7. afrothunda69ify says:

    first of all its the murder capital of CANADA. A blonde skinny white boy? running around in the hood? YOU STOP LYING

  8. Zac6230 says:

    Stop lying!!! you haven’t been anywhere or done anything it’s obvious by your posts!!! I have been through many hoods in the states and the DTES is still and internationally known as the biggest dump around. vancouver is a shit-hole the streets are filthy look at Granville, Abbotsford was the 2009 murder capital of Canada. It’s not safe or beautiful , constant rain and darkness ugly beaches fog? grey skies that’s ugly.

  9. afrothunda69ify says:

    holy shit you are 30 years old? LMFAO AHHAHHAHHAHA. I cant believe you are comparing New westminster and East van to LA or New york. You know nothing. I lived in the states for 15 years? and lives here for 4 years now. It is just soo much more safe here. Yes, there are too much druggies here but the crime rate cant compare to the place where i am from.

  10. Zac6230 says:

    haha not at all I moved from shit cover to the US. I lived in Canada for 30? years Born on Vancouver island. You don’t know anything about the US but what michael morrow movies say or left wing lies. You literally know nothing!

  11. afrothunda69ify says:

    If you compare it to the states its ten times more safe and more beautiful. Here in Vancouver it is just a bunch of asian kids with north face? jackets and Ed Hardy hats their rich parents bought them and they still try to live the ghetto/hood life. Back in the states you had that life because you had no choice.

  12. fakemadereal says:

    Sorry, but? I’m a Seattle guy.

  13. Zac6230 says:

    it’s a terrible place, I’d burn it to the ground if I had? the chance

  14. sifarod says:

    I? will cry!! I miss so much Vancouver!

  15. pavnsev says:


  16. Zac6230 says:

    Nope it says 8 million when you google it, think about dummy, it’s only 32 because they add in neighboring? cities such as Yokohama, but they are not Tokyo, you’re getting incorrect information

  17. skaha65 says:

    Data from other sources may be equally valid but differ due to being measured according to different criteria or taken from? different census years.

    Rank Metropolitan area Country Population Area (km2) Population Density (People/km2)
    1 Tokyo Japan 32,450,000
    2 Seoul South Korea 20,550,000

  18. skaha65 says:

    From List of metropolitan areas by population: Based on their consistently defined metropolitan area criteria, they tabulate a list of the twenty largest metropolitan areas in 2003.[1][2] As population figures are interpreted and presented differently according to different methods? of data collection, definitions and sources, these numbers should be viewed as approximate. cont’d

  19. Zac6230 says:

    I did it has 8? million Tokyo population is 8 million! dumb ass!

  20. mithelmauler says:

    Yeh we pretty much have enough? to make this city a nice place to live. I do think we can have alittle more humility considering we have “Best Place on Earth” on our license place, like comon, thats just plane arrogance, Like I said, no place is the best because no place is perfect. We need to see vancouver honestly for what it is, which there are a few short comings so we can work to make this city better.

  21. Zac6230 says:

    Actually size means does something dummy! bigger cites have more notoriety…. people want to be there. people vote with their feet. Winners don’t go to backwards little towns with nothing to offer? like shit-couver. I was in Japan 10 years ago I know what it is like and it has 8 million not 32 million you ignorant bastard.

  22. skaha65 says:

    Obviously you have never tried to drive from the Airport to say Coquitlam at 4:30 in the afternoon. Vancouver was MUCH more liveable when there were only a million people here.That was in 1972. It has? grown by a factor of 2.4 since then. Bigness doesn’t mean greatness. Big is Tokyo with 32 million, but would you really want to live there?

  23. Zac6230 says:

    You should be, the only? people that come to BC now are the third world, everyone else packed up and left to do something with their lives and not waste time on granville, robson or any of that other crap. In a few years time Canadians will be gone and the 3rd world takes over.. Wow! what city!

  24. Verondful says:

    Its on? like a pot of chicken and some neck bones!!

  25. TheBlueBird04 says:

    Also in this particular case it nearly destroyed my father both financially and mentally (as well as others), and the person who was responsible was close to my father. He escaped jail terms both times. The greed of some people? is absolutely appalling.

  26. TheBlueBird04 says:

    My father has had two business partners (both separate companies and incidences), who have embezzled great amounts of money from them….one leading to the bankruptcy of the company – it was the? second time this particular man had sent a company into bankruptcy.

  27. cohenhaywood10 says:

    Why can’t you just accept money is the peoples crack cocaine,and more people murder and kill for it? then all drugs put together…so yes he is prob right..seeing as these greedy bastards at the top are totally money addicted.

  28. ParadiseOnLand says:

    I believe that Teresa Teng, Iris Chang, Aaron Russo, Senator H.? John Heinz, Congressman Hale Boggs & Sonny Bono were assassinated.

  29. poolehart says:

    Merry christmas, shitter was full?

  30. justaperson00000 says:

    I don’t get? those references

  31. justaperson00000 says:

    I dont know but? he seems like a very intelligent and collected individual to me,at a glance anyways and though hes not A list he has been in more then enough blockbusters to have enough money to live comfortably I would imagine, from royalty’s if nothing else. (national lampoons vacations,independence day etc) I dont feel he would be the type to be involved in any publicity stunts.imo

  32. MrWatchowtnow says:

    There are so many celebrities who get robbed, and they mention it, but not on this level…plus, the way the news twisted this? into crazy talk is proof in itself.

  33. billionkek says:

    One? word : Illuminati – this man was not paranoid, he was telling the truth

  34. whisperinwindcried67 says:

    well some of it could be true..that these individuals,dont like him and mess with him all they can,but i also get the impression mr.quaid? aint the sharpest drill bit in the box…perhaps he was financially ignorant & irresponsible?? ya think??also in whollyweird any publicity,good or bad is always yearned for! its not as though this guy has big money..hes got a handfull of old movies,i cant even think of two,really that he “starred” in-i doubt hes a real time consuming project for any real gain

  35. OttoLund says:

    abeldanger? net

  36. Jebus495 says:

    Please God, guide Randy’s pimp? hand and make it strong!

  37. Dan Marino says:

    Randy Quaid is an actor who has so much untapped dramatic talent (we all know his comedic talents quite well), but then I started hearing about him being a? criminal on the run from the law; it seemed so strange.

    Just because he often plays crazy characters doesn’t mean that he is crazy. This makes alot of sense.

  38. reginaDexant says:

    What about Andrew Breitbart? Wake up, Speak Up, Show up to political events and essential caucus meetings. Record the events. Record the results. Demand standing counts of delegates and demand recorded results. That’s how we win for now. It may be worse later. Keep your powder dry and your spirits high!!


  39. xraycat30 says:

    Yes…Whitney killed Michael Jackson, then Gary Carter killed Whitney, the Davey Jones killed Gary Carter, and then…..????? We’re through the? looking glass here people.

  40. Communist2012 says:

    whitney houston was murdered too … go youtube search “star whackers”

    the hollywood elite are killing off celebrities and making it look like they did it to themselves through drug overdoses.? then make a quick buck on their deaths -through royalties and owning their catalogue.

    do you think its a coincidence so many celebrities have died in exactly the same way ? heath ledger, brittany murphy, micheal jackson, judy garland .. etc.

    all they care about is profit.

  41. watchman001 says:

    how much money did itunes make from beatles songs that jackson? owned the rights to?

  42. fhab525 says:

    small network of individuals….manipulating the? banking system.

  43. reginaDexant says:

    What happened to Whitney?!? Could Quaid? be right?

  44. xSuperiorManx says:

    Please excuse his mental illness. Martin Bott (wwwtotalitaerde) is suffering from a psychosis that makes him believe the government is after him, controlling minds everywhere etc. >_> His allegedly murdered brother even went to court against him because he didn’t want him to use his name for that nonsense. Now he sticks to defaming my country in Youtube videos. He’s a madman and wants to make his shitty conspiracy-homepage look important,? nothing else.

  45. wwwtotalitaerde says:

    The German state uses his secret service BND to systematically rape, torture and murder. My brother Markus Bott had been tortured during five and a half years. I recorded more than 450 hours on video which ended in the legal system. The BND continued under cover of the legal sytem to torture my brother for one and a half years. My brother was assassinated on 11.7.09 because of our homepage linked? on my chanel. Whatever lie german snitchers tell? you: Germany is the worst torture state on earth.

  46. uepala says:

    Bizarre? this is all closer to the? truth than most of the shit they sell for news in the stupid box we have in our living rooms.