Vancouver Longboarding

14 year old Original Longboaridng Jr. Team rider Cam Slade spends a few days riding his Original Apex 37 longboard in Vancouver, British Columbia to compile his debut video.

Time Lapse BC Ferries from Nanaimo to Gabriola? Island Filmed in Nanaimo harbour Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

16 Responses to “Vancouver Longboarding”

  1. smile4myScopE7 says:

    would you guys? sponsor someone from Oahu, Hawai’i?

  2. ZonkFish says:

    This? guy can’t skate for shit.

  3. OfficialJamSquad says:

    i know alot of you have seen this comment about a million times but? it would take about a couple minutes to check out our channel “OfficialJamsquad”. We are a new crew of longboarders/skaters who are coming out with our first documentary/short film really soon but it would really mean alot if we got some more views and get more people hyped for it. SO just take a couple minutes to check out some of our videos and then share them? if you like them! thanks!!!

  4. Liltrevon1 says:

    to be? on your team.

  5. Liltrevon1 says:

    do i have to have an original? board? be honest. lol

  6. LongboardingBI says:

    you have all? of vancouver and you skate this?????????? cry cry sob sob

  7. MrRosalie3 says:

    who longboard dat are/? srry i can? not good english

  8. IlLuZiOnSs says:

    Hi Could you give me some advice every time i go down a hill or get some speed on my longboard it? starts to shake/wobble and I loose balance could you please help me ?

  9. andres vanegas says:

    what kind of shoes do u guys use?

  10. flamingnoob123 says:

    iam actually ?

  11. dumptuck3 says:

    You’re not Canadian, obviously.?

  12. Tim Riverton says:

    Hey? Original, How old do you have to be to join your team?

    please respond

  13. Dylan Maass says:

    check us out at? ApexFreerideTeam?

  14. oOAxleOo says:

    Welcome? To: Landyachtz Territory

  15. IDontAShitGive says:

    just wondering about that does it help if the videos edited or can it just? be me skating btw my names zach zimmer and im 13 thanks

  16. awaldegrave says:

    oh yea,thanks for? the correction