Vancouver International Airport

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Vancouver International Airport
Vancouver Canada
Image by Scott Beale
See the blog post for more info: Vancouver International Airport

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Vancouver Canada
Image by jonrawlinson

Canada Place HDR Vertorama Jumble
Vancouver Canada
Image by ecstaticist
This is an odd one indeed. Two shots vertically stitched. Some of the people are less that human as a result. My HDRs seem to be getting away from me right now.

I know how to fix this. Look for a redo later on…

12 Responses to “Vancouver International Airport”

  1. pretaanluxis says:

    amazing shot!

  2. Rebecca Rawlinson says:

    This amazing!!

  3. Adam Machowiak says:

    What an awesome place! Great shot 🙂

  4. *M@uro* says:

    Wonderful !!

  5. QuimG says:

    Excellent capture.

  6. glassjudah says:

    that one guy on the right in black pants is missing his upper body

  7. tom c says:

    trippy ghosts!

  8. Emad AL-Saif says:

    Wonderful !!

  9. stevenbulman44 says:

    A most awesome view of Canada Place and the 5 Sails. Superbly crafted

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  10. M.RICHI says:

    great shot! beautiful place!

  11. Don Briggs says:

    I look forward to seeing your next version. I like the HDR look. I know a lot of people don’t.

  12. Sir Cam says:

    excellent pp!