Vancouver from Fairview, BC, 1904

A few nice Vancouver Canada images I found:

Vancouver from Fairview, BC, 1904
Vancouver Canada
Image by Musée McCord Museum
Vancouver from Fairview, BC, 1904
William McFarlane Notman
1904, 20th century
Notman photographic Archives – McCord Museum

Vue de Vancouver depuis Fairview, C.-B., 1904
William McFarlane Notman
1904, 20e siècle
Archives photographiques Notman – Musée McCord

To see the image file on the McCord Museum website, click on the following link:

Pour voir la fiche descriptive de cette photographie sur le site Web du Musée McCord, cliquer le lien suivant:

Vancouver Canada
Image by ·júbilo·haku·
Sin edicion – ne ?an?ita – not edited

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Stanley Park Totem Poles
Vancouver Canada
Image by prayitno
Vancouver Canada

11 Responses to “Vancouver from Fairview, BC, 1904”

  1. BigBean says:

    Amazing- so the water in the foreground would be False Creek?

    Similar view here:

  2. Von Wolfsburg says:

    Another ruined vista ! Progress eh ?

  3. Shuck says:

    muy chida Alex!!

  4. bdebaca says:

    se ve muy bien el atardecer!

  5. ·júbilo·haku· says:

    gracias shuck!

    y eran como las 3pm.. invierno al norte.. gracias B

  6. Gloria Zelaya says:

    la luz es maravillosa!

  7. Musa... says:

    al menos ahí se ve el tránsito despejado ehhhh
    pero ojo que nunca falta el imprudente

    fuera de bromas
    fotaza hombre ¡¡¡¡

  8. ·júbilo·haku· says:

    Gracias Gloria

    tantas gracias lore!

  9. YoSeLiN says:

    Preciosa! 🙂

  10. Yukemi says:

    oyes si no mal recuerdo creo que ya la habías subido, porque recuerdo que habías escrito que fué cuando aprendiste a andar solo, algo así, a lo mejor estoy confundida, pero me sigue pareciendo para contemplarse también…

  11. mrt2197 says:


    I work on the documentary television series Ancient Aliens, which appears on the History Channel in the U.S.
    We are submitting this photo of yours that was released in the public domain for our show.
    I am inquiring what you would like your credit listed should the image end up in our broadcast.
    Please contact me at the e-mail below with how you would like your name credited.


    Matt Thomas
    Ancient Aliens Season 3
    Prometheus Pictures
    Los Angeles, CA