Vancouver Fog at Night 3

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

Vancouver Fog at Night 3
Vancouver Canada
Image by cabbit
Explore #402 (dropped) – January 19th, 2009.
Vancouver, Canada

JAN 16, 2009 — VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada — The newly built Shangri-La Hotel & Condos rises up into the late evening fog. — PHOTO BY ANDREW FERGUSON

This is easily my favourite of the ‘night’ batch; It looks like a chaotic vision, not a simple street intersection near my house.

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This photo has been chosen for Wendy Crockett‘s gallery entitled "Night"

Vancouver Eco Fashion Week – Day 1 – Feb 23 2011 – Rockfella, Josli, kdon
Vancouver Canada
Image by Jason Hargrove
Art Documentary photos from Aveda Eco Fashion Week – Day 1 – at Vancouver Salt Building in Olympic Village, Vancouver, Canada. February 23, 2011.

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Vancouver aquarium, Canada
Vancouver Canada
Image by pelican

14 Responses to “Vancouver Fog at Night 3”

  1. time for a new beginning says:

    And a pretty nice composition to boot!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  2. bynofdoom says:

    gorgeous! i <3 fog.

  3. keekapunk says:

    wow, this pic makes me really miss vancouver…

  4. jmoonb says:

    very nice!

  5. Melissa Dex Guzman says:

    This is great, seriously. Is the fog going away? Please let me keep it.

  6. FrauPlanlos (busy) says:

    wow – great

  7. cabbit says:

    Thank you, all 🙂

  8. Saloum Photography says:

    This is really cool! Awesome job!

    Your wonderful capture was seen in Black & White Photos

  9. baris yonter says:

    Your wonderful capture was seen in Black & White Photos

  10. Je suis Samuel says:

    this makes me think of Blade Runner, and an apocalypic future.

    im not sure tif thats a good thing, but i love the shot.

  11. tilman paulin says:

    great shot!

  12. Justin Smith - Photography says:

    Stunning. Great work!

  13. cris?schmidt says:

    Please consider add this great work into our group!!!


  14. crbassett says:

    Wonderful job. I like it so much I won’t post some annoying animated gif. 😛