Vancouver – Expo 86 – Part I

Vancouver - Expo 86 - Part I

Part one of three. This video is highlighting one of Vancouver’s finest hours, The 1986 Worlds Fair.
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16 Responses to “Vancouver – Expo 86 – Part I”

  1. MrLud65 says:

    i am so? glad that this was out for 745 into this film, is my statue. i was the great Canadian biker. if any one has more pics of my statue please send me them to or Facebook me Ludvik Skalicky .I thank you all

  2. ozmedia says:

    Wonder which world;s fair they were at. Expo86 was confined to False Creek from Cambie bridge to Science World. It was expensive if you actually paid for stuff I guess, but there was enough free beer and free entry was? a cake walk due to the size of the surrounding fence.

  3. ozmedia says:

    It was no different in 86, just fewer “people”. Definitely abused a lot of drugs at Expo, crime was just a matter of everything being free at Expo (admission, souveniers, beer? etc) and the bums still hung out on Smithe st begging for spare change.

  4. Ian16545 says:

    I? can just picture “The National” opening theme to the first few minutes of this…

  5. Shukria123 says:

    but these changing winds can blow cold and hostile…?

  6. arejayseeottawa says:

    25 years ago? this month, I travelled west with my parents to see Expo 86. It was such a beautiful experience, one which put Vancouver on the map!

  7. KeatonDee says:

    There was still drug abuse, crime, homelessness, and poverty? in 1986. Just not as much.

  8. Shukria123 says:

    This? was back when Vancouver was a wealthy, clean city. Now it’s a shithole of poverty, drug abuse, crime, homelessness.

  9. weaksauce11 says:

    i like this cus there’s no angry persians or asians:(?

  10. MustangErin says:

    I remember going to Expo 86. I was 11 and my parents bought season passes. I think we still have them as a keepsake. They took your picture so it was like a drivers license. My parents used to have me be out of school for the days that we went as there were smaller crowds there during school? hours.

  11. leonidaroofner27 says:

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  12. Elmware says:

    If you’re lucky it might come back in 2036 or you might have to wait until 2086. Expo 86 was basically fair to celebrate Vancouver’s 100th birthday, much like other World’s Fairs.

    The reason I say maybe 2036 is? because it’s bi-centennial which would be Vancouver’s 150th birthday. Even then I’m not sure if they would hold such an event for this.

  13. UrsoChappell says:

    …and as it’s been 3 years since this post, I’ll add that Expo 2010 was in? Shanghai, Expo 2012 will be in Yeosu (South Korea), and Expo 2015 will be in Milan. Cities are in the process of starting bids for Expo 2017 and Expo 2020 right now.

  14. eugene680 says:

    First of all, I live in Vancouver. Was Expo ’86 alot of fun? I went there once or a couple of times but I was only 7, so I was too young to understand what it truly was. All I remember seeing are dragonboats, monorail, largest ice hockey stick and all these different attractions. But for the? 2010 Olympics, I was old enough too understand what it is.

  15. CivilianDeathMachine says:

    Me and most of my schoolmates had just turned 17, when Expo rolled into town… The first couple? of weeks were the Best! The weather was raining (go figure in Yvr? LoL!)…but the rides were easy to get on! Rush played the Pacific Coliseum on May 17th…and it wasn’t long after,,,, The Sun Shone Bright! right through to October, when Expo finally closed its’ doors! Expo 86 was Brilliant! Hats off to Jim Pattison, the Socreds and Everyone who had a part working on it, or in it!

  16. coquitlam30 says:

    Wow I was 13 years old when this happened and It was the best summer ever. Met kids from all over the? world there. I wish all of us kids at that fair didnt have parents that were always ruining the fun kinda. I wish I could of been 17 at the time of this fair but never the less it was a blast for my friends and family that call Vancouver home.