Vancouver Downtown, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Downtown, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Downtown British Columbia, Canada
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20 Responses to “Vancouver Downtown, British Columbia, Canada”

  1. JoaoPedroGC says:

    Man, I miss living? there… :(((

  2. a7bk8 says:

    awesome? <3<3

  3. camfre4k says:

    looks awsome, how is the weather over there in the? summertime ? looks kinda cloudy

  4. DW16265 says:

    Seattle’s? twin brother

  5. 210482fmj says:

    what are? those really lush smelling trees in vancouver you can clearly smell

  6. canascot02 says:

    You don’t live here. You live in El Salvador! You go on every Canadian video to insult us. Why? Did immigration reject you because? you didn’t meet the criteria?

  7. zaid dilshad says:

    I als0 lived? here,

  8. AfrikaaBombeetza says:

    im not a spick? bro

  9. DJonX7 says:

    hahahahahahahahah you’re fully welcome to move back to? third world El Salvador

  10. Adam Poniatowski says:

    Someone needs to learn how to spell? first…

  11. TheShirlock says:

    Someone needs to? learn to use a video camara !

  12. NaimAjger says:

    good? luck 🙂 Vanlover

  13. NaimAjger says:


  14. Rocksyta says:

    I? lived there for 4 years!!! I wanna come back soon!!!! Awww miss u alot Vancity im Vanlover

  15. ChrisESPOne says:

    thats funny aha,? I been living in the U.S for 13 years and dying to come back to Toronto. Why do you hate vancouver so much?

  16. NaimAjger says:

    T hank’s and Good? luck 🙂

  17. jimmyakakev says:

    Thanks for? the video – exactly what I wanted, moving there in 2 months 🙂

  18. NaimAjger says:

    Open world,? you can live any where you want….

  19. kelvinjiro says:

    wish? I can live here

  20. cenjichun says:

    Best City?