Vancouver Downtown at PACIFIC CENTRE Shopping Mall Video

Vancouver Downtown at PACIFIC CENTRE Shopping Mall Video

Pacific Centre Shopping Mall in downtown Vancouver, 18 Dec., 2010. Butch takes a stroll through Pacific Centre in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Camera Sony Nex-5 with 16mm pancake lens and fish-eye adapter with accessory microphone. Converted to mts in editor. Video by David Silvercloud (Butch)

8 Responses to “Vancouver Downtown at PACIFIC CENTRE Shopping Mall Video”

  1. robertsinxs69 says:

    yeah I have visited Pacific Centre when I was in Vancouver nearly six months? ago really enjoyed my time in Canada a must see place if you ever get the time to go

  2. Anitrex006 says:

    Can you do anything special this Christmas? 🙂 wink? wink

  3. Luis Gonzalez says:

    man, there are way to many chinese, they screwed this city, Thats why? i left, i felt like i was living in china

  4. Oscar Lopez says:

    Marine? Drive Station!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. 2354bill6 says:

    So many Chinese people?

  6. sunishining23 says:

    thanks for this, I am moving out there at the? end of this month and I find that your videos are very helpful in terms of familiarizing myself with the environment.

  7. xxOfficialEpicBlogxx says:

    Thats what’s hate.bout malls there like I’m gonna ask you to stop? recording

  8. ButchGuide says:

    Yup… funny isn’t it. As a photographer it is important to know your rights. In this case, I’m filming on private property so they have the right to stop me…? but they don’t call me Butch for nothing. But they don’t have the right to touch you or seize your camera. They can, however, call the police or escort you off the property. Butch says be careful if you aren’t sure what you are doing. I’ve been a commercial photographer and I’ve been around.