Vancouver Celebration of Lights 2012 – Italy Fireworks Recap | CSLY

Vancouver Celebration of Lights 2012 - Italy Fireworks Recap | CSLY

Thirty minutes of Fireworks in less than 2 Minutes.. For Behind The Scenes: Music: Our Gift is our wish – Ryan Helsing ©CSLY 2012
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Beautiful Vancouver Island: Beaches, Forests, Roadtrip

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Vancouver Celebration of Lights 2012 – Italy Fireworks Recap | CSLY”

  1. maccdruu says:

    I’m visiting BC Sept 10
    I can’t wait to meet sum nice Canadians, although
    I’d love to go to? Newfoundland!!

  2. Vanessa Torres says:

    Beautiful? video.

  3. NK405 says:

    I’ve lived on Vancouver Island my whole life and It’s so weird reading these comments. Especially the ones about the starfish! I can’t imagine having not seen these things… playing around in tidal pools was basically my whole childhood. I guess we? take these things for granted a little bit when we see them all the time. Nice video 🙂

  4. MelizzaXcore says:

    Iloved your video I’m going to LongBeach/Tofino just going to check out the Rim? 😉 can’t wait!

  5. HipsterMcMainstream says:

    I? just love Victoria.. just love it..

  6. maya2012mayaa says:

    Bowen Island 🙂 LOVE IT?

  7. Linkfan34 says:

    i went? camping here once it was soo fun and such a beautiful place I LOVE CANADA

  8. 31jetjet says:

    much? <3 from nanaimo!!

  9. Ezdduf4kuZ says:

    Yes it can look bueatiful if you hit the right day of the year cause for the most part the west coast of Vancopuver Island is cloud ridden even in the summer. coastal fog is a common visitor sitting up against the nearby rock cliff and marshy moss is there to see yr around. Yes it’s a very damp place thru most of the yr but they get a break every now & again and see blue skies & that of coarse is when the city of Vancouver is severing a 3 day heatwave,? yes the island buffers the inner coast!

  10. hahaha123lol1 says:

    I live on? Vancouver island!!

  11. pamukov says:

    Oh my god, I never knew that puple? starfish even existed – so gorgeous!!!

  12. katchup says:

    the? best ferry ride in the world along with the ones in sydney harbour

  13. melissacookmusic says:

    BC Ferries!! Represent!! Coming from? a Vancouver Islander…