Vancouver Canucks do Halloween

Who does Henrik think would make the best Justin Bieber, why does Malhotra hate scary movies and did Kesler once dress up as Marilyn Munroe?

Moka Only gives a tour of his collection of boards with keys, sampleworthy vinyl and studio setup. Part of the Mixed Messages Project. Shot and Cut by Matt Reed with big ups to DJ Rhay
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to “Vancouver Canucks do Halloween”

  1. ValentineCastiel says:

    lol? Myers in the window

  2. AnnaBanana5394 says:

    Awww….RIP RYP :(?

  3. stevenashloever101 says:

    me too!

  4. stevenashloever101 says:

    he is just stretching……but? it does look pretty funny. XD

  5. randomlikings says:

    Ew?? Pfft.


    is Malhotra? wearing a g shock?

  7. Emma Marcotte says:

    i? was laughing really hard then burr said rick and my heart broke.

  8. NerdyBookMonster says:

    Awwwwwwe Rick Rypien <3?

  9. AllUpToU1 says:

    LOOOL cant stop laughing at luongo @ the beginning? :$

  10. fswwindjammer7 says:

    The most SCARIEST thing this 2012 is to dressed the SEDIN TWINS in the MAYAN outfit? as the MAYAN HERO TWINS.

  11. MatthewUrsaki says:

    Chucky scares the poop? outta me. Why? Its 12:00 and now im scared xD

  12. TheDarkdesi says:

    rick rypien? is dead rip

  13. zsiragy180 says:

    0:17 luong having sex wit his pads? LMAO XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  14. sveebains says:

    Kesler has the best body on the team.He should be the? Situation

  15. Pacebeats says:


  16. sunberry1000 says:

    ? so funny…cannot stop laughing!!!! haha

  17. msmarysalvachester says:

    Mannyyy <3?

  18. arianazandi says:

    Burrows <3

  19. californiaalover says:

    RIP Rick? Rypien 37 <3

  20. rversed says:

    4:03? JASON!

  21. cousins4ever1 says:

    at? the end, Jason is creeping in the window!

  22. fbsiubvsitdhdhjuk says:

    I? laughed so hard to this. Eww, now I’m picturing it. 🙁

  23. BieksaRaymondCanucks says:


  24. Twilighter614 says:

    Manny is awesome. 🙂

    R.I.P? Rick

  25. mcLynguist says:

    thats? a dope set up

  26. jeremycslot says:

    “you guys remember frek sho?”

  27. Timo Tuulas says:

    Name of the last song,? anybody?

  28. TheImmortalFame says:

    u can? tell hes hella talented!

  29. XavierNarez says:

    That white eye ball record he talks about at? the end is by “the residents”

  30. planputina says:

    Moka Only -? Shake Dat Neck

  31. planputina says:

    What name of the opening? song?

  32. peetfreak says:

    holy shit, this is? so damn cool

  33. dmh1069 says:

    MAD? EQUIPMENT!!!! No wonder he makes great music: his genius plus all those tools!! Moka Only = real artist!

  34. ensoniqz says:

    we need to get up one day fo real .and i can? fix the adat recorders

  35. ensoniqz says:

    we need to get up one? day fo real .