Este video es de la vez que tuve la oportunidad de estar en vancouver June 16th, 2011 – Randy Ponzio of Quest Poetics singing on Granville Street, Vancouver BC
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21 Responses to “VANCOUVER CANADA”

  1. CFlenox says:

    :O man por eso respondiste mi comentario , yo soy? de Quebec 😛

  2. acuaneytor says:

    Vacuber yo quiero ir aya pero noma es mucho dinero bueno ni tanto por que? yo vivo en Toronto Ontario y pues. Lol

  3. sarahotoolesmusic says:

    RIP Randy.? I woke up this morning with “Love Peace Foundation and Family” going around my head… Bless your family.

  4. DarkazalliMusic says:

    RIP to One of Vancouver’s finest musicians & human being! You are greatly missed!! Godbless? u Randy!

  5. Nadia Darkazalli says:

    Wow what an amazing? human being!!! LOVE PEACE FOUNDATION FAMILY! RIP BLESS!

  6. TravisTurner87 says:

    miss ya homie! Much respect to you and your family. Your seeds are living strong!?

  7. InevitableCommotion says:

    NEVERMIND.? My bad.

  8. InevitableCommotion says:

    Are you sure he’s dead?
    He auditioned for Urban? Star.. go to 21:15 He’s there.

  9. johnsmith70008673 says:

    RIP. love the music.
    he? kind of looks like Angel Batista from Dexter

  10. organik3030 says:

    Love you bro, RIP.?
    Love, Peace, Foundation, and Family!!! <3

  11. zemljace says:

    Rest in Peace…reminds me so much? of my brother..

  12. CAPFKNREZ says:

    Rest in Peace. Beautiful? music.

  13. tetkinsin says:

    I’ll miss you forever. One LOVE!!!?

  14. RealspitHiphop604 says:

    wow? very talented, great voice. i just got sent here by a friend of his, very sad story.

  15. falafal10123 says:

    He passed from? a drug OD which was very odd.

  16. RENEGADExSHinObi says:

    I heard about him missing on twitter, decided to research and well I can’t confirm whether Vancouver Sun is accurate or not. Along with many other sources says he was found in Downtown East Rooming? house 5, somewhere Mr. Ponzio wouldn’t be, because he wasn’t that type of person to be roaming around in rooming houses. His death was marked suspicious by Police, so I thought maybe it was murder? I can’t confirm this but my Prayers reach out to him & family.

  17. hightoptunes says:

    how do you know what happened??

  18. RENEGADExSHinObi says:

    Who in there right mind would want to do? such a thing to such a soul? He was walking, and someone just decided to do what they did? Did they not think about his daughters? Peace, Love & Prosperity. May GOD bless and protect Mr. Ponzio’s daughters. Rest Easy Randy Ponzio!

  19. 2dayday3 says:


  20. zionJeon says:

    he wasn’t trying to preach…he was preaching to us…rip? Randy

  21. DatShizzIsDope says:

    such a humble dude i remember handin out flyers for him during the olympics and he? was so nice RIP brother