Vancouver, Canada

Beautiful scenery of Vancouver, BC, Canada Music provided by Beauty of Sound — Song Title : We are We — Produced by : Autumn reign— pictures —
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Metro travel editor James Ellis takes on Grouse Grind, a 3km hike in Vancouver Candada to the top of Grouse Mountain. The hike goes from 900ft to 3100ft

17 Responses to “Vancouver, Canada”

  1. Special0ps7 says:

    I wanna move to Canada…….get the hell out of America before they start planting chips? in us

  2. Special0ps7 says:

    Beauty of sound?

  3. TheEminemd12music says:

    I almost do im half an hour away? its beautifull

  4. CarMeLissa10 says:

    Yes, it is. And? I wish I could live in Canada! Some day, hopefully…

  5. firstligmo says:

    very nice!?

  6. MrRokkafella says:

    well,I am a? muslim so am I stupid ?

  7. neluboieru says:

    Are you Muslim? Or? just stupid?

  8. SgtRobotics says:

    Hallo? , Ich Suche Jemanden der mir Ein Youtube BG Machen kann ! Schreibt mich an!


  9. jopaba says:

    lov it

  10. BasketballNb37 says:

    im 13 and did it in 54 minutes accept the people in front of? me slowed me down 😀

  11. ZanePhilip1995 says:

    Did this for my first time today as a local, I’m proud of my time and myself for doing something outside other than being a lazy teenager! Time was (1 hour 30? minutes)

  12. RahaSFU says:

    did it yesterday for the very first time in just under two hours, felt like dying but I was so proud of myself when reached the coffee place. went to change my cloths and heard two older ladies talking about? their timing,,, one said 35 min!!! what?!!!! lol

  13. MrKubha says:

    Did it at? hour and half. Much harder then expected.
    But wowwww. I can brag about it (: that I have done it.

  14. engrish2006 says:

    The Baden-Powell trail only goes through the North Shore. The trail that actually goes across the city is called the Transcanada Trail, or Sentier Transcanadien in French. :)?

  15. NickDiabloDiaz says:

    4:23 Chuck Hatch grinds in suspenders and slacks, what a G?

  16. guitarfreak1711 says:

    i did my first one today. i didnt know what i was signing up for. took and hour and 20 ish?

  17. nuffzed2001 says:

    1 hour and? 5