Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city set against a backdrop of ocean, mountains, forests and beaches. Vancouver combines both natural beauty and exciting urban amenities including four-star hotels, gourmet restaurants and a buzzing nightlife. Ski in the morning, sail in the afternoon. Go hiking, kayaking, swimming and shopping, visit world-class attractions or take in some theatre, comedy, festivals or events. Vancouver truly has it all. Explore Vancouver
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22 Responses to “Vancouver, British Columbia”

  1. az0963818 says:

    Mind you, i hear it rains a lot. But i guess that’s? why the city is so green… 🙂

  2. canadastreetmedia says:

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  3. LAR1DDL3S says:

    Im moving their? 2014 🙂 UBC. From USA

  4. MrTrasher1234 says:

    how high is that? guy at 0:40

  5. Jazmyn1001 says:

    My city, Van city-3 :)?

  6. 100Kazuki says:

    i am moving here!! <3?

  7. Morelloo1 says:

    good food.?

  8. swss12 says:

    vancouver’s outdoors isn’t that great?

  9. Ironcabbit says:

    You know, for all my 30 years in a city five hours to the south of Vancouver, I’ve never actually visited the city? There’s something wrong? with that…

  10. oldtrio1 says:

    discover ? nwhite

  11. kimmehforpresident says:

    I’m soooo jealous at you, seriously. But I’m probably going to study English in? Vancouver 😀

  12. JIMBOSKI58 says:

    Always in the top 5 for the world cities to live in. ? Too much glass and steel and lacks the charm of Victoria, B.C. though. Seattle is better but the dynamics of multi-culturism are beginning to take its toll in the downtown tourist area.

  13. tp1711 says:


  14. marionetemanJ says:

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  15. SprayOClockNews says:

    you’ll NEVER experience bc quite like my videos!? 😉

  16. beerrunner81 says:

    The best? memories I have are from the lower mainland. I miss the place and can’t wait to move back.

  17. alexhutch123 says:

    very? upset that melbourne overtook van as #1 most desirable city to live in in the world 🙁

  18. DannyandPatty says:

    Born, grew up, and lived in Vancouver all my? life. Wouldn’t settle in Toronto or Montreal or anywhere else in the world.

  19. Vancouver604painting says:

    Very? nice

  20. thegozy6 says:

    @brianjtracey there is a lot more? good in vancouver than bad in my opinion

  21. NWS789 says:

    @brianjtracey1? be quiet you idiot thats only the eastside of downtown!!

  22. snackbar123 says:

    looks good.? I’ve been here almost 25 years and have never been to bard on the beach. sheesh. I mean i know it’s there and happening and all, just never made a point of going.