Vancouver British Columbia – YouTube HD

Beautiful but expensive, Vancouver British Columbia. music by Emerson Antoniacomi 01 – Leo’s Groove and 03 – Alvorecer com Esperanca
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Join Chris Wheeler, a Tourism BC Field Reporter, as he journeys through Downtown Vancouver and then takes off on a Seaplane adventure into the Coast Mountain Range! You will love where he ends up!

21 Responses to “Vancouver British Columbia – YouTube HD”

  1. 33growth says:

    wonderful is? even not enough, perfect!

  2. magical11 says:

    Depends? on your qualifications.

  3. sami7444 says:

    is Canada? better than USA?

  4. sami7444 says:

    Waw it is nice?

  5. Nops341 says:

    Thinking about moving out there. But how available are? at least $16 an hour wages for a 25 year old?

  6. MrThatcanadianguy says:

    my? mom grew up there. but ive only been there when i was alot younger

  7. max1234567897104 says:

    Hzjdjjdjhjkjdjrjqllbmmk k kitti?

  8. aasse says:

    BC is one of the best place on? this side of the hearth!!

  9. lulabette says:

    uhhg? i hate vancouver

  10. hotelesbaratoscom says:

    gracias? por el video

  11. MIDNAq1LINK says:


  12. WhiteSugarFive says:

    How much does this cost??

  13. student135 says:

    Toronto is way better to live in? than vancouver.

    vancouver is boring, expensive and overrated.

    many parts of toronto is much much much much? better.

  14. FloridaVilla4Bed says:

    Great Video! Really? want to take my family there for a trip.

  15. warlord6272 says:

    Ya, there are a lot of? parties during Spring and Summer

  16. mattdaffre says:

    how is victoria during? the summer/? does lot people party there

  17. Forgineers says:

    Edmonton I am tired of you and your dull, frigid cold, -40C weather. Vancouver, here I come, baby! Can’t wait to? move there next year! 😀

  18. 100boogsy says:


  19. Davidsbeenhere says:

    Amazing we can view the whole Vancouver by riding the plane.
    I want to try it too.
    I am a explorer and I love traveling around the world.
    check out my channel for more videos from different? countries.

  20. hmarevalo says:

    Beautiful video, the view from from a plane at low altitude are really wonderful, you may? see the beauty that is Vancouver and its surroundings. Thank you very much for sharing the video. Regards. Horacio

  21. drsjohnny says:

    how much does it cost too do a tour in vancouver??