Vancouver British Columbia [HD] – in 24 hours

24 hours in and around Vancouver British Columbia. Music: ‘Dad’s Song’ by Mason Rack Band
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Vancouver British Columbia [HD] – in 24 hours”

  1. Argantonis says:

    USA has Alaska and Florida and everything? in between.

  2. wahibhaq says:

    Then, You need to read more about Pakistan. Just saying? because we have -30 C in north while 40 in South at the same time in Pakistan.

  3. Kusettajapoika says:

    Mrfixit brought? me here.

  4. deltaweber says:

    Meu? sonho é morar em Vancouver, apesar de que “as praias” desapontam… Mas, querer praias como as do Brasil num lugar como Vancouver seria o paraíso…

  5. Antoniomeche6165 says:

    My wife? Mercedes lived in Vancouver in 1994 ( Canadian Bussiness English Institute student)

  6. andcalber says:

    02:56 =))))) he? want`s to make a good impression to those girls =)))

  7. SODASTEREO152 says:


  8. adccenntre says:

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  9. alaswani86 says:

    woooow really tthe ? most beatiful city in the world , I have to vist it in few years.

  10. henryjunior38 says:

    the fascinating thing about Canada is that you have on one side a frozen land (Iqualuit) and on the other almost a tropical region (Vancouver). That makes Canada unique in the planet! A country with two completely different temperatures! Today? in Iqualuit its -11C, while in Vancouver it’s +11C!!! Amazing!!!!

  11. henryjunior38 says:

    holy shit palm trees in Canada!!! I live in Calgary and I’m amazed? by that fact.

  12. strippermieten says:

    Oh Canada, my dream country forever! Let me in!!!?

  13. stacooper76 says:

    Persons, nice city, but with WRONG TYPE Of NOISE AS BACK GROUND ON THE VIDEO.
    Thank you.??

  14. aergdr says:

    Coming from Jamaica i laughed when i saw the? beach but good vid tho

  15. thecommercialedge says:

    one with dirt on the sensor and is always 2-3 degrees off the horizon?

  16. MegaUniboy says:

    what? camera did you use?

  17. Xz10zb4SNz says:

    nicely done

    eyes welling up,? misses home town …

  18. Galanist10 says:

    you’re about to come into a very beautiful place!? the perfect mix of nature and city. we welcome you warmly! 🙂