Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Trip Ideas

Discover Vancouver, British Columbia with a trip idea designed to help you explore the city’s top activities. Join Tourism BC Field Reporter Chris Wheeler as he takes a day trip to Vancouver, checking out the Stanley Park seawall, the downtown shopping district of Robson Street and historic Gastown, before hopping on the small ferry to Granville Island and its famous market and shops. Chris also discovers the city’s culture and history at the Museum of Anthropology and enjoys the cosmopolitan side of Vancouver at its restaurants and Granville Street clubs and venues. For more BC Trip Ideas visit
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The beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia with stops in Victoria and Tofino. A beleza de Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada com paradas em Victoria e Tofino. Featuring the music of Diana Krall (The Verve Music Group) and James Chirillo (Nagel Heyer)
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32 Responses to “Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Trip Ideas”

  1. BatuSmoka808 says:

    that hammock girl was so stoned and? so cute

  2. BENJIKWAME says:

    Hahahaha,lol, trust me,? I wasn’t thinking about that.

  3. DJonX7 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAhAH buddy, you have gotta stop watching American movies from the 1940s. :)?

  4. DJonX7 says:

    hahahahaha no crime in the starting years, dude, ever heard of the wild west? i guess there were no laws to break so? therefor no crimes XD but yeah no. every country has crime.

  5. BENJIKWAME says:

    Is this place heaven? like I mean, does it have only? smiley faces and no crime, like America in its starting years?

  6. Zomgfartdart says:

    And dont forget that the canadian border is much easier to cross then the peace arch? lol, 3 hour waits…crazy

  7. Zomgfartdart says:

    I? hope your joking…

  8. Zomgfartdart says:

    Come to Vancouver, Def one of the most beautiful cities in the whole fricken world lol. And ya a majority of the people here are so nice and really care about their? neighbors 🙂

  9. BCGrizzG says:

    PLEASE SEARCH ” Today’s The Day – Coast Kids ” or ” Canadian Classics – Coast Kids “? for some British Columbia Lower Mainland HipHop!!

  10. chrizzc says:

    I? want to go there i was talking to two Canadians tonight when i was out with my friend riding out motorcycles and they were like one of the nicest people i have ever met and they said they were from here so i thought i would check it out real cool place! 😀

  11. TookAKneeToTheArrow says:

    Cave…? man….. hungry

  12. JohnRhysMusician says:

    You? are a Columbian and don’t even know how to spell United States. The United States and Canada are best friends. Millions of families span the border. We are the closest of allies, and share the same culture and history. Your comment displays ignorance.

  13. lauwai4life says:

    You have my sympathy. The? same thing happened to me in London, and then when I got to Beijing, there was a sandstorm. Sydney? Too friggin hot Mate. Got mugged in L.A., went broke in Vegas, and chased around Rio by bad guys. It’s called travel, pal, deal with it and try to have a good time.

  14. 9MOHAMED0 says:

    I like this city so much but Unfortunately I cannot go
    If I? can go on the future God willing,

  15. ash06039 says:

    I think Los Angeles is..?

  16. ash06039 says:

    It’s been cleaned up, so shut up. And we? are very serious about our hockey.

  17. ash06039 says:

    Most of the people from Boston’s NHL? team are from the Vancouver area and around Canada. So Vancouver > Boston.

  18. SenhordoBonfim says:

    Thank? you, zRosemarie!

  19. zRosemarie says:

    What a wonderful slide show – thank you for posting it?

  20. KewlBoy20 says:

    Went there. Wasted 3,000 dollars for nothing cause of weather. Just rained and rained. it’s to expensive,? downtown is not a entertainment spot for me

  21. conday1990 says:

    vancouver is the most overrated city in the? world. i swear to god.

  22. reggiekful says:

    its not destroyed. some generous? people in vancouver cleaned up downtown and it looks like nothing happened. so stop talking about the riot. its history

  23. KewlBoy20 says:

    why live there now, Its being destroyed by RIot after? the LOST LMAO

  24. pejb83 says:

    i liked the first 20 seconds of the video even though it was? just ambient sounds of nature it was so beautiful and peaceful, a small taste of heaven, Obrigado : )

  25. VanceSova says:

    Very nice video of? Vancouver and the music is great too.

  26. yvonkcaouette says:

    Rubish!!! We have no? relish for ze angliche !!!

  27. SenhordoBonfim says:

    LOL!!? 😀

  28. yvonkcaouette says:

    Relish à? l’Angliche !!!

  29. yvonkcaouette says:

    Mais le petit sauvage…il t’adooooooore mec* !!!

    *? traduction: …he relishhhhhh you buddy !!!

  30. SenhordoBonfim says:

    – Le petit? sauvage, tu est un fou! 😉

  31. yvonkcaouette says:

    Relish for ze anglish !!! Hourra Hourra !!!? Relish for ze anglish !!!


  32. Aniamaze says:

    i actually thought BC’s views were average then i went on a cruise and realised destinations like alaska dont even compare to? this!