Vancouver Bike Lane Nazi.wmv

Vancouver Bike Lane Nazi.wmv

Vancouver Bike Lane Nazi. What happens when Hitler’s guys are late for a meeting. Hitler can’t drive anywhere in Vancouver with his brand new car.
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  1. PublicHealthAdvocate says:

    both sides? should roads be built exclusively for automobile traffic? How about people that cannot afford, or are too young to drive? The bicycle gives a lot of people freedom-& through taxes we also pay for those roadways. When the bike lanes are put in with care, they will bring MORE bike riders. If I look down a side street and see no cars in motion at that very second,? that street is not used? I’ve been biking almost every day for the past several years, but only in the street. I am traffic.

  2. PublicHealthAdvocate says:

    a bike is a motor vehicle? uhhh….it doesn’t have a “motor”. So a bike is a “motor vehicle” then just as much as a person walking, so by your logic, all people should walk in the? road.

  3. PublicHealthAdvocate says:

    ha. thumbs up if you want better bike infrastructure, like bike lanes–since people on bikes pay sales tax and? pay other taxes that provide funding for those roads that are built almost exclusively with the automobile in mind.

  4. mhmackenzie4 says:

    Um, since when does? the money one spends on car insurance go towards ‘roads’ or any other form of public goods/services?? You pay car insurance to protect yourself from the ruin you might otherwise face after getting into an accident. As in, it’s kind of like putting money into a savings account every month for the day that something unfortunate happens to your/someone else’s car. What is this nonsense about car insurance ‘paying for roads’ or being the same as ‘paying taxes’?

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  6. Marchochias says:

    Did? you hear nothing Hitler said?? Crazy cyclist fanatics. Are you really so idiotic as to think bikes are a viable way to get around a city where DRIVING from one side to another can take an hour and a half?? Not to mention that it rains half the time?

  7. donco0 says:

    Wow! Car drivers are whiney lil bitches, aren’t they??

  8. BlueEyedWhiteRebel says:

    “But the flowers makes you feel like you’re riding through the countryside” hahahahah? that’s the most funny line in the whole thing I laughed my head off hahaha

  9. usernameisrobert says:

    this is how most cyclists ride in vancouver…watch this robertson…

    search youtube…c

    Bike? Messenger Helmet Cam in Downtown Vancouver

  10. usernameisrobert says:

    what an ass robertson is…green agenda nazi…wasting tax payers money on a project that does nothing other than kill business…i live/work downtown and see little bike traffic in those lanes even on sunny days…and i see as many bikes riding down any other street or sidewalk as on the dedicated lanes….on the sidewalk even on the streets with a bike lane (figure that? one out)….what a shill…selling us out to the f’ing tides foundation/agenda21/ICLEI/eugenicist bastards…

  11. qaziofattock1 says:

    Why those bikers don’t go to Stanley park and enjoy. Second this biking stuff didn’t work in china and now they are biggest car? buying country.

  12. Mighk Wilson says:

    Hitler would have loved bike lanes, ‘cuz they keep those cycling vermin out of the way of important people. NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg recently? compared cyclists to smokers while justifying citations for cyclists who don’t “stay in their place.”

  13. AnnettF says:

    This is hilarious! Did you? know that Hitler never had a driving license! LMAO!

  14. kr192101 says:

    This is great. Would like to see this? clip on his reaction on Translink or BC Ferries.

  15. alpha3939 says:

    You can’t post links in youtube comments apparently, but you can learn more and get the actual? numbers and breakdowns from a google search for “cyclists subsidize”

  16. alpha3939 says:

    I was actually incorrect? about property taxes being the main funding for local roads, it comes mainly from general taxes, but the point remains that cyclists actually subsidize drivers when the big picture is taken into consideration. It’s a common myth that cyclists don’t pay their “fair share”. Just remember that most cyclists own vehicles, so they are paying all the same taxes you do as a driver, but do not reap the same benefits, and create less of a cost to society overall.

  17. lsoph9 says:

    once again you still get to ride for free…I pay property taxes, fuel taxes because own cars, license fees etc….on all our modes of transportation. Anything that uses the road for transportation needs to pay their fair share…we get hit from all ends of the? spectrum and cyclists well even if you are a property owners or in a high income bracket like you say then why not support a tax on your bikes like we pay? Obviously you can afford it?

  18. pjcd1961 says:

    I think the bike nazis who either are? women who can use a guy’s car when they really need one (or when they go on a date 😉 ) or men who live and work there are delusional. If they think that they can ask all people who work downtown to live downtown (and use bikes), the price/rent will prohibit anyone to do so (and with a family, it won’t be good). Better transit? The car and oil lobbyists will prevent that from happening. Govn’t taxes gas, so they have a vested interest.

  19. marlee008 says:

    haha i will not write anymore. i don’t have? time for this. you are one of those ppl that will continue to argue. you have your opinion, and i have mine!
    the end.

  20. marlee008 says:

    haha i will not write anymore. i don’t have time for this. you are one of those ppl that will continue to? argue. you have your opinion, and i have mine!

  21. marlee008 says:


  22. MBoggles says:

    Your comprehension is terrible. Of the 100% of people in biking distance from downtown Vancouver, some of them are privileged, some worked hard and sacrificed, some live on the streets, some chose a smaller place to be closer to downtown. There are many? more types of people who live in and around, but it doesn’t make sense to list them all. I was pointing out there are not just the privileged few. Is it tough to walk with that chip on your shoulder?