Vancouver BC – real estate booming economy—but it’s only booming for a few.

Vancouver BC - real estate booming economy—but it's only booming for a few.

Is the Vancouver real estate bubble about to burst? Prices are skyrocketing, fueled by immigrant/foreign purchasers, what does this mean for long term stability ? Will your kids be able to afford to live in Vancouver? Will you? Who do fault for the skyrocketing real estate prices, the Realtors, developers or the government policy? 63000 British Columbians who earn per hour while another 293000 people who earn less than .

15 Responses to “Vancouver BC – real estate booming economy—but it’s only booming for a few.”

  1. Dom4444ful says:

    rich immigrants keep making prices go up,? it sucks

  2. fgah says:

    who care about their or? your kids as long as the price up creeping up to Mars?

  3. saneblane says:

    The problem with the guy in this video is he assumes the government cares about the people. Trust me i been in quite a few countries in the world to know this by now. If you assume that the government don’t care about the average? joe, then it would start to make more sense. Prices have always been a way so separate people, from the rich to the poor. If you can’t afford you move, if you can afford you stay, it’s as simple as that. It’s not about race, it’s about who has the money.

  4. babanachiket says:

    guy makes? sense

  5. manolito2112 says:

    In capitalism, rules are quite simple,
    everything goes on sell and that includes your motherland, if this is some type of patriotism recall, then I’m afraid is to late pal, asian replication process in canada has begun already, do you really think that real state agents cares about something else than money?, this country is the asian dream ok?, about you? my friend just keep focus on paying taxes and everything else

  6. godofstock says:

    u fking mentally ill and need to see a doctor…
    dumb ass ….
    guys like u who is destroying? and hating everyone … if you are asian, then u one fk up asian dude…

  7. godofstock says:

    hahahaha.. this guy is stupid and blame on the rich … developers buy and? build more condos and one day when it collapse, then your poor kids can come in and start buying that condo u been thinking off. people are making good moneys out of real estate and can think of retiring . Guess what , we selling our house, and renting. when the market collapse, i will reenter and buy. do not blame because of your own failure in life. if u want a house, go to las vega and buy one for 50-70k. stupid guy

  8. leomnyc says:

    “Berhchh? Columbia”

  9. westernclimber says:

    @VelcomeBack I would encourage you to find a real argument before making assumptions? about his character. furthermore, think about the kids that werent born with a silver spoon in there mouth! There going to move, out of the city or out of the province. That’s what’s happening. And that’s good? No its not, you think all the negative outcomes of this are great? Well your the idiot!

  10. JIMBOSKI58 says:

    Vancouver lacks charm and historical presence. It seems to be all glass and steel? surrounded by a fantastic view. Vancouver is not beautiful. It is “modern” with a nice view.

  11. homer30 says:

    He’s blaming the Asians because they are? bright, rich, and can afford properties in Vancouver. poor guy you are.

  12. Shukria123 says:

    but these changing winds can? turn cold and hostile…

  13. christpunchers says:

    It’s a global economy. If you can’t compete, don’t blame others? who made it. If you want money, look for jobs internationally, not some place down the road.

  14. christpunchers says:

    Vancouver is a dead city in terms? of big employment opportunities (even if you got the right degree). You have to go elsewhere for that.

  15. TOC359 says:

    Everyone? in Vancouver who has ears (and a brain) listen to this guy…..warning ……